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In our blog, we’ll tell you:

  • how to paint the floor, walls or ceiling;
  • how to choose a paint; what colors are in the trend;
  • what tools are needed for the painter.

We will try to make the blog as useful as possible.

How to paint plinth with your own hands?

There is a category of people who love to work with their own hands and strive to show an individual approach in interior design. Therefore, the question of how to paint the baseboard with your own hands is quite relevant. Even small repairs can drastically change the whole look of the room. Paint plinths are…
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How to Paint Doors Yourself

Painting wooden doors is a good opportunity to refresh the interior and save some money. It often happens that there’s not enough money to buy a new door but the old one is still in excellent condition. All it needs is some cosmetic repairs or minimal restoration. Anyone can reanimate the design and enjoy the…
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Key features of the well-balanced design of the room

A room with a lack of design balance looks ridiculous and even annoying. Even expensive elements of the interior will not allow smoothing the negative perception. Each part of the room should be combined with the general concept and style. Otherwise, you and your guests will feel uncomfortable. If you want to avoid this -…
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Thermal insulating paint: a new way of the house renovation

Heat insulating paint is an innovative paintwork material based on a polymer composite containing hollow ceramic spheres. The heat-insulating structures are increasing popularity thanks to the technological features. They act not only as a coloring matter but also allow additional insulation of the material being painted. The composition of the thermally insulating paintwork material contains…
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Key aspects of space organization

The organization of space is not just a system for storing things properly in an apartment or a house, but also the opportunity to save space in a small residential area. Moreover, if you correctly organize the organization of space in each room, you can improve the efficiency of work, as well as improve the…
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Painting ceiling with a roller

Painting ceiling requires special skills. It’s important to dab a roller in the paint correctly. Dab a small part, not the whole roller. After this procedure, you must roll it out on the ribbed surface of the tray to completely cover the entire roller. Otherwise, the ceiling will have defects and incompletely painted areas/spots. Excess…
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Modern Trends: Top 7 Most Popular House Items

Modern tendencies are changing so quickly that yesterday fashion trend can be out of date and ordinary for tomorrow. However, not all trends are subject to such drastic changes. Some of them are permanently fixed on the leading positions. Transparent Furniture Philippe Starck has created a transparent furniture trend 18 years ago. His first transparent…
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7 most fashionable colors this year

Women read us, I know that. And women watch the fashion. I know this too, because I have many girls at home! With you Alan and today I want to tell about the color trends of 2018 in the interior. Specially prepared for you this information and I am waiting for a reciprocal reaction from…
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