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In our blog, we’ll tell you:

  • how to paint the floor, walls or ceiling;
  • how to choose a paint; what colors are in the trend;
  • what tools are needed for the painter.

We will try to make the blog as useful as possible.

Can I painting with acrylic paint on oil paint?

In our practice, there was a case when the masters painted the doors with acrylic paint over oil paint. As a result, the surface was covered with bubbles and then fell off. What should be done to prevent this from happening? Note that acrylic and oil paints are used when painting both exterior and interior…
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Wallpaper: Why should you use in the house?

We all want to make our home beautiful and cozy. What to decorate the walls to achieve this result? There is a time-tested option – wallpaper. With them you can realize any ideas: from traditional strict patterns to virtual reality. Wallpaper on the wall – an excellent opportunity to emphasize your personality and make the room…
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How to drill tile and glass

The main problem, if you need to drill tile or glass, is the fragility of the material. Even if the tile on the wall, it can easily crack and you have to remove it and fix it again. Glass may crack with the slightest physical impact. If the tile is not glued to the surface,…
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Vancouver texture removal and repair services

Are you looking for texture removal or repair service in Vancouver, BC? We have years of experience in doing popcorn ceiling removal and repair. We’re the right company if you’re looking to have your stucco, popcorn ceiling removed or repaired. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality services. If you have outdated…
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5 Benefits of Using Venetian Plastering for Your Renovation

Do you have plans to renovate your house in the future? If you are like most other homeowners, you want your interior to look stylish, elegant, and unique. Venetian plastering is extremely durable as well as utterly unique. Venetian plastering will transform your simple, plain walls into structures that appear to be stylish and distinct.…
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Home Renovation: 9 useful tips for everyone

Any home renovation is similar to a business project that has a concept, plan, schedule, and budget. These tips will help you to reveal the nuances that are important for every renovation. Keep in reserve Set a little more than it necessary during making the estimate. It will save you from unpleasant financial surprises during…
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4 ways to soundproof the apartment

There is nothing worse than noise outside the wall of a neighboring apartment. You cannot fall asleep; it is hard to concentrate on their affairs and just not comfortable when the rumble is behind the wall. What to do? Use the tools to soundproof your apartment.   Block the noise between rooms The main part…
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5 natural and cheap floor cleaners

To clean the floor does not necessarily use expensive chemical products. It is enough to use the available tools. Just a little time and your floor will be perfectly clean. Here are some ways that allow you to achieve cleanliness in the house and save the family budget.   Olive oil and vinegar Perhaps you…
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Features of the renovation in the new building

After purchasing an apartment in a new house, landlords or tenants are planning to carry out repairs in the future housing. In terms of volume, these works are very similar to capital repairs, however, this is not the case. Carrying out repairs in a new building has a number of features that cannot be ignored.…
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