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In our blog, we’ll tell you:

  • how to paint the floor, walls or ceiling;
  • how to choose a paint; what colors are in the trend;
  • what tools are needed for the painter.

We will try to make the blog as useful as possible.

Free estimate: how to do it right

We receive many requests to evaluate the work on this or that object. After analyzing the orders, we decided to tell you how to order a free estimate correctly. It should be remembered that we appreciate not only our time, but also the time of each client. If the customer when addressing in detail describes…
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Painter: what is this profession

The word «painter» came from the German word meaning the painter, and this is partly true: the man of this profession in his work constantly deals with paints. Painters paint buildings, walls and ceilings of premises, cars of trains, car bodies, all kinds of constructions and products made of metal, wood, plastic, glass and so…
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Restoration of the facade of the house after winter

Even a well-made facade decoration can eventually require repair. A difficult test for it is especially winter and the associated effects of variable atmospheric conditions. High-quality plaster and facade paints provide protection from these threats. After several seasons it is worth checking the condition of the facades - it is best to restore the facade…
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Ceiling from Drywall

The ceiling of Drywall in the room will be your original solution for the organization of the ceiling space. This design will create for your favorite place a fun atmosphere and the right image that supports the chosen style of the interior. Virtually no repairs to date do not do without drywall. With its help,…
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