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Institutional Painting: Wood Surfaces Refinishing, Painting and Vanishing. Interior and Exterior Walls Painting

Burnaby Byrne Creek Secondary School painting project. The Paint City professional painters completed interior walls preparation: filled joints and fixed all the gaps and cracks with the durable caulk. Installed baseboards and painted ceilings and walls. The project was completed on time and within budget. Vancouver English College painting project. On this painting job Paint…
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Interior and Exterior Painting Prep Work

Painting Preparation: Cleaning Walls During the first step of our exterior or interior painting project we thoroughly cleaning and sending exterior walls removing old paint. When required we wash the walls with wire brush and wait until the surface is completely dried. Before Painting: Caulking We use only highly durable caulk to fill joints, gaps…
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Painting Residential Houses: Texture Removal, Drywall installation, Painting Interior & Exterior

Baseboard installation and painting, wall & ceiling painting and floor finishing & coating. On this Residential House Interior Painting project Paint City painters removed texture (pop corn) from the ceilings and walls installed drywalls and painted the interior walls and ceilings of the house. We also replaced (installed new) baseboards in all the rooms of…
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