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Features of the renovation in the new building

After purchasing an apartment in a new house, landlords or tenants are planning to carry out repairs in the future housing. In terms of volume, these works are very similar to capital repairs, however, this is not the case. Carrying out repairs in a new building has a number of features that cannot be ignored.…
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How long does plaster take to dry?

Knowing the approximate drying time of the plaster you can plan the painting and avoid scrapes. There’s no way you can calculate the drying time. It depends on numerous factors. But you can find out the approximate time when it’s time to start the putty on the plastered surface. The drying speed depends on: The…
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Home projects: from small house to townhouse

House painters at Paint City embody dreams of the customers. We guarantee the highest quality and observance of all architecture standards. Buying a ready house project from us, be sure to make the right choice. Each of the available projects provides the fullest information and includes floor plans and a sketch of the front end…
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