18 ideas of what can be done from drywall

Drywall is the most universal among all modern building materials. Usually it is used to level the walls, but today we will tell you what else can be done from this material.

For a start about the popularity of drywall:

  • It is a safe material, consisting of plaster and sheets of cardboard.
  • It is easy to process, therefore it is easy to create arches, podiums, niches and other elements from it.
  • Drywall is lightweight.
  • You can use gypsum board waste to realization ideas.

Idea 1. Figures from drywall for decorating the ceiling and walls

If there is a fantasy, you can come up with an original solution for decorating the ceiling or walls. Just remember that the design should be invented in advance. After all, the final figure of plasterboard is strengthened on the framework of the profile.

Figures from drywall for decorating the ceiling and walls

For example, in the children's room you can make a ship or a butterfly. In the living room, you can beautifully decorate.


Idea 2. Drywall arches

Arch is one of the most popular elements, which can be created with gypsum cardboard. Doorways are designed in the form of arches often in small apartments, where there is a need to separate the neighboring rooms.

Drywall arches

Experienced masters are sure that even a beginner can make an arch with his own hands.


Idea 3. Shelves and shelving from plasterboard

Another excellent solution for the apartments can be shelves and shelving. First, create a design on paper. Then carefully make all the measurements and get to work.

shelving from plasterboard

The implementation options can be mass, and several interesting examples are presented in the photo.

Masters are advised to take into account the weight that the shelves will withstand. The type of skeleton depends on this. For example, for books or for an aquarium, you will have to use a welded bracket to strengthen the structure.


If you live in British Columbia, the masters from Paint City can help you. Just call us or fill the contact form.

Idea 4. Niche

Niches of any depth and shape are quite functional and highly decorative elements of the interior. They can also easily be organized with plasterboard.


Niches are used to place TVs, paintings, mirrors, aquariums and other things in them. In the niche, you can organize a system of shelves, using all the same drywall.


Another interesting solution for the organization of the niche is the finishing of the opening with colored glass and the setting of the backlight.

Idea 5. Drywall cabinet

Drywall is so versatile that it can be used to create cabinets. The only drawback - this piece of furniture can not be moved from place to place.

Drywall cabinet

It is worth noting that the cabinet of plasterboard will cost less than usual.

Drywall cabinet

Idea 6. Decorative partitions made of plasterboard

If you need to divide a room into certain zones, then the ideal solution will be the partitions.

Decorative partitions made of plasterboard

In addition, the partition can serve as an ornament or a kind of showcase, showing items from a personal collection, awards, etc.


Idea 7. Niche for radiator heating

Sometimes you want to hide the heating radiator. So why not make a special niche?

Niche for radiator

With the help of gypsum board the niche will turn out neat.

Idea 8. Slopes for windows and doors

Slopes for windows

After installing windows or doors, it often happens that it is necessary to make slopes. You can be sure - drywall will cope with this task.

Idea 9. Coffee table

If after repairs you have a drywall, then it can also be used. Our masters like to make a coffee table.

Coffee table

From the profile a frame is made, which is covered with sheets of gypsum board. Then the table can be painted or pasted with paper with a texture.

Idea 10. Head of bed

The original decoration for a sleeping place can be made with the help of drywall. Ready headboard enough to paint or decorate with a cloth or textile wallpaper.

Head of bed

Get a real highlight of the rest room.

Idea 11. Drywall fireplace

To decorate the room you can make an artificial fireplace. The decorators believe that such a solution can create an atmosphere of romance in the room.

Drywall fireplace

Ready construction can be painted or you can use ceramics, wallpaper under brickwork or artificial stone.


Idea 12. Drywall cornice

It's enough just to make an outward cornice with your own hands and even to set it backlighting, so that the window at any time of the day looked unique.

Drywall cornice

Such a structure is fixed to the ceiling, it can be created even at the stage of ceiling design, if a drywall is chosen for this.

Idea 13. Column from plasterboard

A column can decorate a room of virtually any size, help zonate space or even hide engineering communications. Have a column near the wall or in the corner, the frame is fixed to the floor and ceiling.


Idea 14. Bar counter from plasterboard

The bar rack can also be built from plasterboard. It can be placed anywhere, make it of any desired shape and decorate as you want.

Bar counter from plasterboard

Idea 15. Commode, cabinet and kitchen set

Experienced craftsmen create unique furniture from gypsum plasterboard, which by functionality is not inferior to analogues from more familiar materials, but can be created quickly and with all personal requirements taken into account. Kitchen furniture should be made of moisture-resistant plasterboard and necessarily using a frame. The dimensions and number of boxes can be provided at will.


A chest of drawers can be assembled without a frame, using arched gypsum cardboard and fantasy. Drywall parts are cut out of the right size and shape, which in the future will serve as the bottom, walls and shelves of the chest. In advance on the pieces of plasterboard it does not hurt to map out the locations of the partitions of the future chest or bedside table. Combining all the details of the design can be super-glued. As boxes, you can use plastic containers or make them from the same drywall.


Idea 16. Screen for a bath of plasterboard

In this case, only a moisture-resistant drywall is suitable. After the marking of the walls and ceiling, a frame of their profile is built.

Screen for a bath of plasterboard

The outer and inner corners are formed with a steel profile, unprotected edges are treated with a sealant. Most often, screens are finished with ceramic tiles, but painting is also possible, then it is necessary to be more attentive to the puttying and grinding of the surface.

Idea 17. Sofa and bed of plasterboard

Of the drywall make even the sofas! If you lay a mattress, pillows and bedspread, then you can even sleep on such a couch, but for the most part this design is only decorative and not intended for regular rest.

Sofa and bed of plasterboard

Idea 18. Communication box

Sewer, ventilation, water pipes, heating mains and other communications can easily be closed with a gypsum board.

Communication box

In conclusion, we will tell you that drywall is malleable and easy-to-use material, so you can build almost anything from it, and the described options can help you create an exclusive interior or create the basis for your own interesting solutions.

Let's say a special thanks to the masters from AlanRepairServices for advice and photos.

If you have interesting ideas, you can post photos on our page in Facebook.

We will be grateful if you appreciate our post.


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