Prep Work before Painting Walls

One of the most important elements of repair is the decoration of the walls. In order to start painting them, you need to prep work surface. The future appearance of the premises largely depends on the quality of the work performed.

The room is necessarily prepared for painting in order not to stain objects and surfaces that can not be painted. To achieve this goal, you must perform the following actions:

• Furniture and appliances are taken out. If it is difficult to move or transport it, it simply moves to the center of the room in which the repair work will be carried out and covered with a film;

• The carpet rolls down and is taken out to another room;

• Laminate or parquet is covered with film or newspapers;

• From the walls are removed all extraneous things, including lighting and decorative elements;

• Panels and switches are removed;

• All the places that can not be painted are sealed with a paint tape.

The impeccable appearance of the walls largely depends on the thoroughness of the preparatory work done. Otherwise, you have to redo everything. Therefore, special attention is paid to the preparation of the walls.

Prep Work new and old walls

The walls can be divided into two types:

• new walls.
• walls in an old, long-commissioned building.

The first case is the most profitable. Because most of the worries have already been done. It will only be necessary to putty, and then clean the surface to be treated with sandpaper. Then the walls should be washed with a damp cloth and allowed to dry. At the end of the work, priming, in accordance with the functional characteristics of the room.

Beautiful room

In the second case, you will have to hard work. To begin, remove from the walls all that is left of the past interior. Then it is good to wash the working surface, as the painting will reveal all the shortcomings, including small cracks. If the resulting surface has irregularities, then they should be eliminated. Ideally smooth and smooth surface always pleases the eye.

Walls made of fiber, gypsum panels and gypsum plaster must be primed with a flat brush beforehand. Otherwise, the surface will absorb the paint too much. Metal surface and other places that have a weakness for corrosion, it is better to cover with an insulating paint, resistant to water.

An important point! During work in the room should be no drafts, and the temperature should not fall below 18 degrees.

If the surface has been painted, then remove the remnants of the old material. First you need to decide on the type of paint that the walls are painted on. If the painted surface is rubbed, the alkyd or oil will fall off, and the water-dispersion will remain. To remove the paint, use a spatula, sandpaper and a metal brush.

If the wall surface was pasted with wallpaper, then their remains are removed with a spatula. If they still do not depart, water is used.

If the surface is not flat enough, we recommend using gypsum plaster. After its application, the surface is leveled with the appropriate putty.

In the event that wall defects are significant, there are several ways to align them. The first is plasterboard plating. This option is perfect for particularly difficult cases, because it will not only simplify the work process, but will also save money. The second option is more traditional - plastering.

Paint has properties to emphasize any flaws and defects, so before painting the walls it is important to align them very carefully. After qualitatively carried out works on the preparation of the walls, it is necessary to proceed to the direct process of painting the walls.

It is worth noting that the preparation of walls for painting is hard work. If you are not confident in your abilities, then you should entrust hard work to professionals.

Another advise to watch a video from the manufacturer of paints Sherwin-Williams, which we use in our work:

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