safe work with paint

Basic recommendations for safe work with paint

The main thing in working with paint is safety. Therefore, you should trust professionals. Renew furniture, doors and windows, paint walls and ceilings, but do not forget about safety.

Paint allows you to reveal your creativity while doing a very useful job. We have already told you how to choose the right colors. All of them are qualitative and sufficiently safe.

Now let’s talk about the fact that when working with paints you need to adhere to certain rules.

8 tips for safe work with paint and varnishes

Before you start working with paint, be sure to read the recommendations below: 

  • If painting anything in the room, ventilate it well. Open the windows and doors, use the fan. Do not go into the newly painted room. Do not let other people and animals do it. This is especially important for the elderly and children, who are more sensitive to harmful fumes.
  • If the room can not be properly ventilated, use a respirator. With prolonged work, take periodic breaks and go out to get some fresh air. You can not stay long in a room, the air in which is saturated with harmful fumes.
  • When grinding the surface, wear a mask and goggles so as not to inhale fine dust.
  • When using any solutions containing chemicals, wear protective goggles, gloves and a respirator.
  • Cover the floors with a cloth or film that is difficult to slip on. This is necessary to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Do not paint or store paint (like any other chemical) near any heat source (fireplace, radiator, water heater, etc). Never smoke near paint. For breaks, go out into the fresh air.
  • If working on a stepladder, make sure it is safe. Check all the legs. They must be firmly in contact with the floor. Do not stand on a bedside table. If you can not reach a certain place, gently go down the stairs, move it and climb up again.
  • Carefully clean after you finish work. Rags with paint leave to dry on the street, and then dispose of. Choose a place inaccessible to children and pets. When rags are completely dry, they should be disposed of in the same way as other toxic wastes.
  • Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the paint package. Adhere to these recommendations.
  • If you feel unwell, nauseous, dizzy, stop work immediately, go out into the fresh air and catch your breath.

safe work with paint?

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