install drywall

Why is Drywall so popular?

Drywall is a versatile building material consisting of two layers of cardboard / paper, between which is a plaster mix. In construction, it is used quite widely: for the alignment of ceilings, walls, sound insulation, as partitions, interior decoration, etc.

It is very easy to cut to the required size, it is easy to install and easy to transport. Most importantly, the drywall is environmentally friendly and does not damage the environment. This material “breathes”, absorbs excess moisture and gives away in its absence.

install drywall

Gypsum cardboard is popular because it is a material for the formation of any interior, made of decorative walls, shelves, etc. It is easy to remodel and restore the room to its original state. The plate levels connect to each other neatly, without joints. When installing a false ceiling, creating different levels of light in the room – drywall is the basis.

Therefore, it is the basis, so any paint, tile, wallpaper, etc. is easily applied to the drywall. As the dry method is used in the installation, drywall can be used immediately, without waiting for it to dry.

This versatile material is sometimes used for the floor, it is easily placed on the carpet, and pipes and cables are laid under the plates.

Sound insulation function is another advantage of gypsum boards. In houses with thin walls, in order not to listen to the conversations of neighbors, cover the walls with another layer of drywall.

When buying plasterboard, pay attention to the integrity of the boards, if they are damaged or incomplete, it is better to replace them immediately.

install drywall

Installation Drywall

Each structure for the installation of plasterboard should consist of profiles. Profiles for drywall are made of different shapes, lengths and thicknesses. In drywall designs are also used various fastenings, screws, dowels and tapes. In the production of profile is used sheet of cold-rolled metal, with the use of galvanizing technology. Thus, the profile for drywall receives additional characteristics, durability and corrosion resistance.

You can learn how to install drywall yourself. However, in this matter there are many nuances that are beyond the power of beginner masters. Moreover, after installation it is necessary to prepare the surface for painting or wallpapering.

Not sure of your abilities? Turn to professionals.