Facad Restoratione of the house

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Even a well-made facade decoration can eventually require repair. A difficult test for it is especially winter and the associated effects of variable atmospheric conditions. High-quality plaster and facade paints provide protection from these threats. After several seasons it is worth checking the condition of the facades - it is best to restore the facade Read More »

18 ideas of what can be done from drywall

Drywall fireplace

Drywall is the most universal among all modern building materials. Usually it is used to level the walls, but today we will tell you what else can be done from this material. For a start about the popularity of drywall: It is a safe material, consisting of plaster and sheets of cardboard. It is easy Read More »

Ceiling from Drywall

Ceilings from Drywall

The ceiling of Drywall in the room will be your original solution for the organization of the ceiling space. This design will create for your favorite place a fun atmosphere and the right image that supports the chosen style of the interior. Virtually no repairs to date do not do without drywall. With its help, Read More »

Painting cedar wood:

Paint for wood

The cedar wood is an ideal material for decoration. In order to permanently preserve a beautiful pristine appearance of the tree should be done painting. Paint for cedar wood is the most effective protection against the negative effects of moisture, frost and high temperatures. Choosing paint for cedar is a very important task, and it Read More »

Wooden floor: painting or varnishing

Wooden floor

A wooden floor is an environmentally friendly coating that helps maintain an optimal microclimate in the room. Wooden floors are more durable than synthetic flooring. But the floors of wood need protection. If you do not subject them to special treatment, then the tree very quickly begins to rot, fill with harmful microorganisms and deform. Read More »

Painting living room: 16 ideas for the color of the walls

Painting living room

Do you think about painting the walls in the living room? Would you like to see examples of different colors on the walls to decide what colors to choose? See the interior design variants. You can see the photos of the living rooms in different colors. Pay attention to how color affects mood, calms and Read More »

How to make a beautiful wood paneling? 7 simple tricks

How to make a beautiful wood paneling

Paneling is one of the most ideal materials for interior decoration. It is a durable decorative material. In this article we will tell you how to make a beautiful carving. What is the reason for the popularity of wood paneling? The answer is simple: acceptable price; strength and durability; ecological compatibility; simplicity and ease of Read More »

Painting wooden house. How to preserve the effect for a long time

Painting wooden house in British Columbia

The issue of ensuring maximum durability of the facade coloration of the house is of interest to almost all house-owner. High-quality facade paints can ensure the service life of painted facades up to 20 years! Durability of external finishing of wooden houses How to ensure that the wooden exterior decoration of the house was quality Read More »

Paint your house!

paint for repair

Entering the paint department or shop, the eyes literally run. High racks with impressive metal cans, plastic pails and miniature solvents. Color samples, numerous brushes and rollers and other paraphernalia are still in the eye. How not to get lost in this colorful splendor and choose the right paint for repair? Top Tips for Choosing Read More »

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