Alan was the only professional quote I was able to get over the phone. He actually asked proper questions like "Are the closets getting painted? What about the doors? Any trim work? What colour is the old paint? What colour is the new paint? Are the walls in good shape or will repairs be needed? How much furniture is there to work around"? When my answer to all of this was - no closets, no doors, no furniture, walls are in great shape, old colour is eggshell, new colour pale green - he gave me a really good price. Then he came to see the place- the same day- and lowered the price! Every other paint company I called immediately charged me $800 for putting a bit of paint on the walls of a tiny empty bachelor- suite sized apartment or refused the job altogether. I guess customer service only exists at Paint City! Gale, Port Coquitlam


bandgbeads Port Couitlam,