4 tips to increase living space

Today we will share four tips to increase living space. By following them, you can visually expand children's room, bedroom, living room and kitchen without large financial expenses. To increase room we will be make this visually.


Tip One - Mirrors

Mirror or reflective surfaces create the illusion of expanding space and not only magicians, but also homeowners use this. Optimal use of mirrors where space is asymmetrical. In addition, their use is of practical use.

In the bedroom, for example, a full-length mirror near the bed is good, and a smaller mirror will look good near the dressing table. In addition, if space expansion is required, and there is no possibility to break the walls to the neighbors, then buy furniture with a mirror coating.

Furniture help increase living space

Tip Two - Furniture help increase living space

The right choice of furniture will significantly expand the space. The best option is multifunctional furniture. For example, a bed can be a bed at the same time and, with the help of lower drawers, will reduce the need for bulky closets.

Pay special attention to furniture transformers. For example, a coffee-dining table or a bed that folds into a small closet.

If the mirrors only help you to visually expand the room, then with the help of a competent choice and arrangement of furniture you can make the room even more.

White color increase living space

Tip three - color and decor pattern

Now you can think about the decor. Color and design affect the expansion or contraction of space.

Vertical striped wall covering material (fabric, wallpaper) will expand the space, dense wallpaper with a prominent ornament will make sharp corners and slopes less noticeable. And if you use a drawing with a large print, it will help the protrusions on the walls merge with the surface.

White color is also your assistant. At the same time, keep in mind that it is necessary to observe minimal harmony - the ceiling should be lighter than the walls (at least, not darker), and walls lighter than the floor.

Use this advice when painting house or apartment.

Extra Lighting

Tip Four - Extra Lighting

With the help of additional sources of lighting, you can expand the room. To begin with, at the stage of forming the interior style, it is good to divide the room into separate interior zones and for each of them think over the lighting.

For example, the central chandelier creates a general background, the lights on the walls and spots on the ceiling divide the room into zones, and the lights on the table help create a secluded place for manicure or reading books.

Remember, highlighting one part of the room with light, you darken the surrounding space and it visually expands.


Of course, you can advise a lot, but do not make a salad from the tips, collecting them in a pile. Use only those that can be implemented taking into account the characteristics of your room.

Pay special attention to the color of the room. Remember that to increase the space will help painting house or apartments in bright colors.

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