5 repair improvements that will increase the value of the house

All homeowners who decide to sell a house are interested in the question, what are the most cost-effective repair methods that will help increase the value of real estate? Vancouver painter answers a question.

Repair of the kitchen and bathroom

1. Repair of the kitchen and bathroom

Many repair experts say that upgrading these two rooms will significantly increase the value of your property. Cosmetic changes, such as replacing the cabinet door and repainting the kitchen, can improve the aesthetics of the home. If you build in appliances for better accessibility and lay the tiles on the floor, your return on investment can be up to 150%. Interior designers suggest that bathrooms should be remodeled to achieve the goal. White and neutral colors should be balanced with colored tiles.

Add an extra bedroom

2. Add an extra bedroom

The new bedroom increases the market price of the house by 10-15% of its current value. It is also considered the safest and easiest way to update. Be sure to check the structural integrity of the house structures when choosing a place to add a room. You need to know if the house and land can support the extra weight. If you have a garage that is rarely used, you can convert it into a guest room.

Take care of the garden

3. Take care of the garden

Investing in a garden is a great way to present a house for sale. You can fill the garden with various decorative elements to add a little freshness and novelty, such as a bench or a small fountain. Take care of your plants with more care so that they look alive and healthy. The goal is to have a garden that looks beautiful, so anyone who buys a house wants to spend time in the garden.

Refresh the interior and facades

4. Refresh the interior and facades

This is another relatively simple action that significantly increases the market price. Even if your interiors and household appliances are in great shape, a potential buyer can leave if he does not see traces of real estate care. It is better to wash the facade of the house, including the front door and windows. After that, pay attention to the roof, gutters and the lawn. See if you need to repair some areas, retouch the old painting or re-varnish the wooden areas of the house. Work can take a lot of time, but it is an inexpensive upgrade that can bring a lot of profit.

Add technological features

5. Add technological features

Customers appreciate the computerized and automated features that make home living even more comfortable. You can start by looking at what you can install around the perimeter of the house. Simple electronic innovations are important, and potential buyers may be impressed by the electric swing gates that allow you to remotely open the gates while in the car or standing a few meters away.

Repair improvements in Vancouver

Repair improvements in Vancouver, BC

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