7 most fashionable colors this year

Women read us, I know that. And women watch the fashion. I know this too, because I have many girls at home! With you Alan and today I want to tell about the color trends of 2018 in the interior.

Specially prepared for you this information and I am waiting for a reciprocal reaction from you!

So, flew!

Yellow color in interior


Not just yellow, but juicy, positive and bright. Of course, it is not necessary to paint the walls, but to place a chair or sofa of this sunny color - that is what needs a positive mood. Can it be better to paint the walls?

Green color in interior

Natural green

Closer to nature? This color is relevant for several seasons, by the way, designers say that next year is no exception. And the same designers say that this color symbolizes health. That is: do you want to be healthy, paint the wall in green? Interesting.

Black color in interior


Slightly dramatic, but so - black. Stylish trend 2018: the floor and chandelier of this color. But like the basic color in the interior looks cool.

Blue color in interior


And especially his shade, which in English is called "In the Moment". This is a blend of blue, gray and green.

Blue + Orange colors in interior

Blue + orange color joining

Blue + orange is a popular solution for hospitality, dining rooms and cabinets. The best place for a bright accent is the upholstered furniture: sofa, armchairs, pouffes.

Pink color in interior


Gains strength, yes. From the girl's romance, this color has shifted to deeper shades and designers are actively using it in the design of bedrooms and livingroom.

Gold color in interior

Gold decor

In conclusion, I write about this fashionable material of the season. Elements of this color are well mixed with other designs.

Here are the cases in the colored kingdom.

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