The Best Materials and Colors for a Bathroom Ceiling

The ceiling type and right materials are very important in rooms with an aggressive environment. A bathroom is a place of frequent temperature changes and high humidity. That’s why the choice of materials is extremely important. The constant danger of condensate accumulation should be a fundamental factor while choosing the materials. It should be characterized by considerable moisture resistance.

bathroom ceiling

The cheapest materials

The simplest and most common option for ceiling decorating is whitewashing. It’s the cheapest option. However, the whitewashed ceiling loses in wear-resistant qualities all the time so you should be able to renew it often. A painting will be more suitable among inexpensive ways of ceiling decoration.

Choose acrylic paint

Choose acrylic paint, because it’s able to withstand high humidity while maintaining an attractive visual condition. The painted ceiling will be a good option only in the case of its absolute smoothness. Make sure that the ceiling surface is absolutely perfect.

Vinyl Ceiling

Vinyl & Siding

Another waterproof material is the vinyl wallpaper but the temperature changes can lead to its deformation. Choose the good glue to prevent it. The bathroom ceiling is also suitable for siding. This type of material has excellent characteristics and water resistance. Unfortunately, it has a limited color scheme.

Wooden Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling

The wooden ceiling is another type of environmentally friendly materials for the bathroom ceiling. Natural wood is the most refined type of cover. It will ensure the aesthetic aspect of the bathroom. At the same time, the wooden ceiling can withstand the aggressive environment that forms in the bathroom.

Drywall Ceiling

Drywall Ceiling

The drywall ceiling allows you to hide all surface defects and wiring. Other advantages include moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, and simple installation. This type of material will last a very long time. The main criterion for choosing drywall is increased moisture resistance and deformation protection. A tension ceiling is an alternative way to hide any defects. You can also make a glass ceiling. It visually increases the room space.

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Bathroom Ceiling

Choosing Colors

The tricolor interior is the optimal solution according to many designers. Do not use dark colors if the room is not large. White, green, blue and orange colors are the most popular for bathrooms. This color design has a toning up effect on the body.

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If you have decided on the material for the bathroom ceiling, then think about what you will use for walls and floors. The ideal solution is the tile. Please contact.

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