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The best time for applying facade paint

Painting the facade of the house is not the kind of work that can be done at any time of the year. It is unlikely that you will see a person who does this in the middle of winter. It’s not just a matter of discomfort. The right timing allows you to get a more aesthetic and durable result.

painting facade

Best weather for painting on air

Drying of paint is directly related to the temperature and humidity of the air at the time of application. Ideal – a warm dry day without a strong wind. The Sherwin-Williams website features weatherproof exterior paint that perfectly withstands the vagaries of the weather. But until dry, it remains vulnerable. Contact the consultants of the paint store to get advice on the choice of paint, depending on the material of the walls and the terrain in which the house is located.

It is also nice to look at the weather for several days before and after the day of staining. If it rained the day before, the walls will be wet. And if it starts to rain immediately after the work is finished, the soft paint may still be damaged.

You should also avoid significant temperature fluctuations during the day and at night. They can lead to cracking and flaking paint.

So what is the best time for outdoor painting at home? Early summer and early autumn usually offer the best weather conditions with minimal rainfall and minimal temperature fluctuations day and night. This will ensure uniform paint application, as well as its drying and curing.

painting on air

What should be avoided?

Basic limitations:

  • Do not work when it is wet. Avoid rainy days and always ensure that the surfaces to be painted are completely dry.
  • Keep to the temperature range specified by the paint manufacturer. It may vary depending on the composition of the mixture. If you are not sure whether the conditions are suitable for exterior painting, consult a paint store representative.
  • Do not attempt to paint walls in winter. When the water freezes, the paint cracks, it does not solidify and separates from the facade. For use in the cold season, only certain types of mixtures are suitable.

Painting in Summer

Air temperature for facade paint

Summer has a serious drawback. Although it rains a little and it is warm outside, a strong heat can be a problem. Because of her, the paint dries too quickly, begins to peel off and peel off. And still work under the scorching sun is quite tiresome.

It is always better to act on a warm but not too hot day. Humidity should be moderate.