Why can you regret painting a brick wall?

You may be tempted to paint the exterior brick wall to make your home more original. With the painting itself problems should arise. This is a fairly simple job. Difficulties may arise later.

Although painted brick today may seem aesthetically pleasing, in a few years it can also be a great disappointment. Choosing materials for construction, you need to know how to use them correctly.

Why is painting brick wall (an exterior) not always a good solution?

Lack of ventilation

Brick "breathes." It has many pores through which air passes. Paint these pores overlaps. The wall will not be able to respond to changes in temperature and humidity, maintaining an optimal microclimate in the house. If moisture gets inside, it will remain there.

painting exterior brick wall

Severe structural damage

If you paint the wall and water remains in it, it will expand and contract when freezing and thawing. Expanded fluid causes cracks. Both the bricks themselves and the mortar between them are destroyed. As a result, the integrity of the entire wall is under threat.

Questionable aesthetic value

When the bricks begin to break down, the paint peels off the wall and cracks. Because of this, the house looks neglected. It seems that no one lives in it for a long time. Peeling paint means that the destruction mentioned above is progressing.

Erasing history

How old is your home? If it is built a long time ago, a brick may be of historical value. You destroy it when painting it. Old brick was made by hand in a furnace. Often it has a denser surface than modern building materials. It better withstands weather conditions, so it is not necessary to paint over it to protect from moisture.

It is difficult to return the original state of the house

Removing paint from the wall is difficult. This may require chemicals or sandblasting that could damage building materials. This routine work can be done manually by yourself. But this requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is worth carefully to think about everything before making a final decision.


Solution to the problem

Ideal - trust professional painters. Experts will select the correct painting materials that will help your home look beautiful for a long time.

painting white brick wall

When painting brick wall is the most spectacular

The brick wall inside the room after painting will look very impressive. White is popular, but you can also cover the surface with a special varnish.

cover the surface with a special varnish

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