Which ceiling is better: stretch or drywall?

All operations for leveling and cleaning the ceiling are complex and require a lot of investments. But the stretch or drywall structure does not require additional surface preparation.

Features of drywall and stretch ceilings

For the installation of a suspended system, a metal frame is first constructed, onto which elements and ceiling modules themselves are fastened-plasterboard sheets. At the last stage produce its putty and painting.

install drywall ceilings

The stretch system is attached to a baguette, mounted on all sides of the room. For the installation of PVC linen, the room heats up. Polyvinyl chloride stretch is tight after cooling. It turns out an even, beautiful and shiny ceiling, not afraid of water and not absorbing extraneous smells.

install stretch ceilings

Comparison of drywall and stretch ceilings

In order to determine the drywall or stretch ceiling used in the room you need to make their comparison in the main parameters. Since the largest demand among stretch ceilings use ceilings based on PVC linen, and among stretch ceilings, gypsum board ceilings, then we compare them by main parameters.

Ease of installation and the need to attract professionals

Do not install the stretch ceilings by yourself. To do this, you have to attract specialists. And they will not only stretch the canvas, but also make it. For the installation of such ceilings, special equipment and experience in the installation of such structures are required. But for the work does not need to vacate the premises, a lot of construction garbage while also not going.

The installation of stretch ceilings is associated with a large amount of construction dust and garbage. You have to take out of the room all the things. Then you need to spend a lot of effort cleaning the premises. However, if you build a ceiling with your own hands, you can save. True, this is possible in the event that you work with a construction tool and carry out repair work yourself.

Speed of installation of stretch and drywall ceilings
Standard ceiling tension type mounted about 3 - 4 hours.

The production of the ceiling of gypsum board will take from 2 to 4 days. Everything depends on the area, the complexity of the room and the ceiling itself. If the design is quite complex, then it will take even more time.

Loss of room height

Stretch ceiling when attaching the baguette to the slabs will slightly reduce the height of the room. And the construction of gypsum board will reduce the height already more. This should be taken into account in rooms where the ceiling height is low.

Stretch ceilings

Built-in light

Hide the wiring and fixtures under the ceiling stretch type is extremely easy. For spotlighting there are special elements that are mounted in the canvas. If replacement of fixtures or replacement of system of illumination is required, it will be simple to make it.

Best Drywall

In the frame of the drywall structure, the wiring and fixtures are also well placed. Therefore, drywall or stretch ceilings in this respect are equivalent.

Easy care

PVC linen in the care is very undemanding. It can be wiped with a wet cloth.
Gypsum board construction needs maintenance. Sometimes it may be necessary to paint.

Which ceiling is easier to damage

Puncture polyvinyl chloride stretch is very easy. Holes can appear from anything. You can, of course, seal these holes, but it's not very beautiful, and the security from the water will go away.


Drywall is more durable. However, you should not throw heavy objects in such a ceiling.

Level of fire resistance

Perhaps, on this point our competitors are both worthy. Both one and the second type of ceilings do not support combustion. Therefore, they can not burn out of a fire, although they will be damaged.

Which ceiling will last longer

Drywall ceilings have a guarantee of up to 10 years. For a fresh look, you have to paint the structure.

As for the ceiling of PVC stretch, the guarantee for it - from 10 to 15 years. At the same time, no cosmetic repairs will be needed.

Resistance to temperature

PVC stretch is afraid of cold. You can not stretch ceilings where there is no heating.

Best stretch ceilings

Drywall ceilings can withstand temperature changes.

Decorative qualities

Ceilings of stretch type in color can be almost any. It can be bright or pastel monophonic color, funny drawing or reproduction of some famous painting.

Drywall ceilings can be designed in different ways, using a different texture, paint or tile. The ceiling of several levels looks very original. The color scale is vast and infinite.

Which ceiling is cheaper?

Ceiling drywall type of plasterboard will be three times cheaper than ceilings stretch type. Also, the price depends on the area of the room, the number of corners, curved sections, originality.

In which case it is better to use

If ceilings have a small height, then choose a stretchable ceiling.

Ceiling drywall type is installed on the ceilings under the roof of the house. This will provide additional protection against leakage.

Otherwise is better for you to install a ceiling from gypsum board.

In addition, there is another option. Make a construction of drywall, and in its middle insert a stretch cloth from the vinyl. The ceiling will be original, beautiful, besides, possessing advantages of both types.

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