Ceiling from Drywall

The ceiling of Drywall in the room will be your original solution for the organization of the ceiling space. This design will create for your favorite place a fun atmosphere and the right image that supports the chosen style of the interior.

Virtually no repairs to date do not do without drywall. With its help, level the ceilings, walls, floors in all rooms, even in the bathroom. It is used for erecting partitions, arched openings, for decorating windows.

Ceilings from Drywall

But the special love and popularity of the masters drywall found because of the ceilings. From this material, you can invent and implement the most incredible designs: multi-level, with all sorts of backlighting, straight or curved, painted or with wallpaper. Also the ceilings are always perfectly even and light, which makes the construction safe. However, with apparent ease in processing, installation of drywall requires a professional approach.

First, we study the positive and negative sides of the constructions. Among the various reasons for installing gypsum plasterboard ceilings in the room, the following are distinguished:

  • drywall ceilings hide any unevenness of the plane;
  • environmental friendliness of materials included in the composition, safety;
  • relative simplicity and ease of construction;
  • low cost of materials;
  • In a house a ceiling made of plasterboard, if the structure has already stood the time necessary for shrinkage;
  • in the room of an apartment building, such ceilings will be an excellent additional soundproofing;
  • variants and configurations of structures that are available for execution are endless: arches, niches, levels, ceilings, partitions and so on.

Among the shortcomings can be identified the following: reduced the height of the room, the difficulty of self-installation, you need additional finishing joints, fear of water.

Before proceeding to the stages of installation, consider a different design of ceilings. Complex designer ceilings are born in the minds of modern creative designers. Here it is impossible to classify them. Figured ceiling design assumes the presence in the center or in another part of a structural element, an original convex detail: a flower, geometric figures. Usually for such figures, hidden illumination around the edges is organized.

Do not forget to think over the lighting that can be:

  • distributed in the zones of the room, this lighting is designed to further separate the different zones of the room: working, sleeping, home cinema room;
  • lamps are hung on the borders, perimeter of the suspended ceiling;
  • accentuation.

Illumination of additional parts of the interior, furniture, corners of the room. Chandelier, the central lamp can be supplemented with zone lighting.

Stages of installation of a ceiling from plasterboard

Drywall work begins after preparation of a premise, purchase of necessary material, preparation of the special tool.

Installation of the ceiling is conditionally divided into the following stages.

Ceiling mount marking. In the beginning, using a spirit level or a building level, a closed strictly horizontal ceiling line is applied to the walls. Further places are placed under the fastening of direct suspensions. The result of the marking on the ceiling is a grid with cells 24x24 inches.

Installation of the ceiling

Installation of profiles on which the plasterboard is attached. The work at this stage is also performed in a certain sequence, namely:

  1. installation of the guide profile
  2. installation of U-shaped hangers
  3. installation of ceiling profiles

You should always use the building level. It is desirable to mount long profiles parallel to the wall with a window, which makes it possible to fasten the sheets of our material in the direction of light. This visually reduces the perception of the joints of plasterboard sheets.

Reinforcement of the joints ceiling-from-drywall-04

Fastening on the frame of plasterboard sheets. At this stage, you should also adhere to several basic rules, among which:

  1. the joints of the sheets must fall on the middle of the profile;
  2. Fixing screws are screwed with a slight drowning;
  3. The distance between the screws is 1 inch;
  4. The distance from the screw to the edge of the sheet should be 0.5 inches.
  5. Such work is done with an assistant.

Painting drywall on the ceiling

As you know, drywall is not distinguished by a special variety of colors, so after installing the structure of this material you need a special finish, one of the options of which can be painting. After selecting the paint and preparing all the necessary tools, you can proceed directly to the painting process, which consists of the following processes:

  • priming of seams – special attention should be paid to the joints and places where the core of the sheet of drywall is exposed;
  • sealing joints – you need to do this only with high-quality raw materials, if you do not want the sheets of gypsum board to crack after a while;
  • Reinforcement of the joints – made with the help of a tape of the Serbian;
  • plasterboard filler before subsequent painting;
  • painting – you need to start from hard-to-reach places and those areas where the construction is adjacent to the corners and walls, is made with a brush.

To paint it is necessary «with pins», that there are no strips and divorces. After this comes the turn of the roller, which needs to paint the surface several times, and do it in parallel to the windows. Each next coat of paint must be applied perpendicular to the previous one.

Painting drywall on the ceiling

Recall that the markings for lights should be done before the last painting. In addition, remember that the quality of painting works is checked under natural light.

In conclusion, we can say the following. Having stopped the choice on the modern version, always order quality materials. This will save you a lot of trouble and trouble, and your apartment, house or office will delight you not only with a beautiful modern design, but also with good functionality and minimal hassle during operation.

Now you know about the process of installing the gypsum cardboard. If you can do it yourself – it's great! We will only be glad that our advice has helped you.

If you decide to turn to professionals, you can safely turn to us. Only you should know – we work in Coquitlam and in other cities of the British Columbia.

Prices of plasterboard ceilings, which will look far from cheap, in our company are formed for the mutual benefit of the customer and the performer. But the main thing is that prices are available to the customer. Verify this by ordering a free estimate of future repairs.

You can see what a drywall ceiling looks like:

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