How to decorate house or apartment to the New year

If there is not enough space in your house or apartment to install a large Christmas tree, this does not mean that your house cannot look festive.

We have collected a selection of ideas that will help decorate even corners of your home and set the present Christmas mood in the house.

We decorate the walls

1. We decorate the walls

Decorating empty walls in your house will give it an even more festive look. To decorate the walls, use wreaths of vines and bright elements. These can be artificial birds, small decorations, berries that need to be glued to the wreaths before they are tied to a ribbon and hung on the wall.

Create an artificial Christmas tree

2. Create an artificial Christmas tree

If your house does not have enough space for a Christmas tree or you simply do not want to buy a real Christmas tree, then you can create a small Christmas tree from the branches yourself. Take a wide coniferous branch, hang it on a hook to the wall and dress it up.

Use vertical space

3. Use vertical space

If the space in the house is limited, but you still have extra Christmas decorations that have no place to hang, it is not necessary to leave them gathering dust in the box. Look around your house and you will see many unexpected places - under the chandeliers, on the windows, above the doorways - which can add shine and fun to your home if you decorate them with several Christmas decorations.

Decorate house corners

4. Decorate house corners

Nooks, shelves and bookshelves are great places for festive decoration. If you do not have enough space for a large Christmas tree, you can buy a dwarf fir tree, dress it up and put it on the shelf. Instead of a garland, use miniature decorations.

Decorate house corners

5. Hang the decorations on the wall

Properly use the wall space to decorate your home. Revive the wall in the following way - take a long ribbon, hang up elements for it, for example letters containing a Christmas greeting. To prevent the letters from slipping on the ribbon, tie them tighter. Secure the ribbon with buttons, and hide the ends under coniferous twigs.

We decorate the house with small wreaths

6. We decorate the house with small wreaths

The house is usually decorated with large and spectacular wreaths, but small ones make no less impression. Hang a miniature wreath with velvet or satin ribbon on a shelf or sideboard.

Give the chair a Christmas look

7. Give the chair a Christmas look

The chair can also be an element of decor. Decorate it from different sides with bright gift wrapping so that it resembles a place under the Christmas tree where gifts are put.

Miniature decorations

8. Miniature decorations

Shiny Christmas balls are perfect for decorating small spaces. Glue the ball onto a small plastic or glass disc. Remove the hanging eyelet from the ball and insert small flowers and berries into the hole. Make a beautiful composition of such balls and place in the center of the table.

Use contrasting colors

9. Use contrasting colors

For decorating the corner, we take a white artificial Christmas tree with rare branches. Then decorate it with red balls. Bright color on a white background looks very original. Put the Christmas tree in a box, wrap a towel and fill with pearl balls. Add to the image several different gift packages tied with ribbon.

Decorate the window in the kitchen

10. Decorate the window in the kitchen

Decorate bright window panes with bright snowflakes, which you can cut out randomly or on a pattern. Coniferous branches finally complete the Christmas look.

Create a tiny village

11. Create a tiny village

Put some shiny houses on small boxes wrapped in wrapping paper. To create Christmas trees, fold a square piece of scrapbook paper into a cone, glue the edges and trim the bottom. Place your village on a silver tray.

Decorate the table with the Christmas tree

12. Decorate the table with the Christmas tree

Even if you have a lot of space in the house, a small Christmas tree on the table will give a charming look to your hallway. Under the Christmas tree, you can put a garland and glass balls or put it in a silver vase. Focus on miniature ornamentation. These can be small gifts or sweets.

We decorate the window sill

13. We decorate the window sill

Simplicity in decorating small spaces is the basis of decoration. White candles on a silver tray will add extraordinary elegance to your windowsill. Two artificial dwarf firs, wrapped in burlap, will add some color to this winter landscape.

Decorate the picture

14. Decorate the picture

If you have already decorated your house with various paintings, give them a festive look with the help of pine twigs. No special tools are required for this.

We decorate the window

15. We decorate the window

The dyed frame, suspended on a ribbon, inside which a ribbon with Christmas balls is stretched, will unusually transform the window in your house.

Decorations with Christmas greetings

16. Decorations with Christmas greetings

Small Christmas balls can be originally applied in interior decoration. With these balls you can leave Christmas greetings over the fireplace or on the shelf. To do this, brush greetings on glass balls and place them in terracotta pots. Pre-shine the pot by spraying a spray with shiny paint on it.

How to decorate house or apartment to the New year

Your home will not look beautiful and festive if the walls, ceiling or floor look sloppy. Before the holidays it is better to update the interior. If you can paint the walls and the ceiling yourself, that's great. You can use our tips (read blog).

Or you can call us (778) 865-4107 or write us and find out how much the renovation of the interior of your house or apartment will cost.

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