How to drill tile and glass

The main problem, if you need to drill tile or glass, is the fragility of the material. Even if the tile on the wall, it can easily crack and you have to remove it and fix it again. Glass may crack with the slightest physical impact. If the tile is not glued to the surface, then you need to fix it on a flat and hard surface. The best option is to put a wide wooden bar on a stool and then a tile. The second point is the use of a drill with a carbide head or a diamond tip. You also need to use a drill without a percussion mechanism or turn it off.

It is necessary to drill tiles at a distance of at least 3 cm from the edge, otherwise, it is likely that it will crack. Be sure to keep the drill strictly upright. If the drill slides over the surface, you can make a small cut with a glass cutter. The load on the tile when drilling should increase gradually. So you can avoid cracking. When drilling a few holes need to cool the drill. You can immerse it in clean water without overheating. This option will extend its life.

Special tile drill perfectly copes with drilling tiles. But it is not intended for drilling holes in the wall. If you are drilling the tile already on the wall, first make a hole in the tile, then change the drill bit to a drill. Only then can a punch be used.

Glass drilling


Glass drilling

There are several ways to drill glass:

  • With a drill, plasticine and turpentine;
  • With lead and wet sand.

The glass should be put on a flat and solid base, degrease and switch the drill to the minimum speed with switching off the shock mode. You will need a drill for tile. From plasticine, you need to make a rectangular figure. With its help, you need to make a ring for pouring turpentine. Turpentine oil will increase friction when drilling glass. This will simplify the whole process. The amount of turpentine does not matter. The main condition is an even layer of matter.

Drill glass with minimal effort. The downside to this is the smell, but the ease of drilling compensates for all inconveniences. The second method requires degreasing the glass and putting a layer of wet sand on its surface. In the place of drilling, you need to make a hole. After you need to melt the lead in a spoon and pour it into the prepared hole. After a couple of minutes, the sand and lead are removed, and you can see the hole that was made without drilling.

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