Drywall: features, scope

Drywall is a universal building material that is used in the arrangement of residential buildings, apartments, office premises, public institutions. It is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming simply indispensable in construction and repair.

In any hardware store, a wide range of materials for various construction purposes in a different price range is presented.

Material Features

The positive properties and low cost of drywall have recently made it a popular and sought-after building material. It is a plaster product, lined with durable thick cardboard. This combination is safe for health, environmentally friendly, durable and reliable.

Popcorn Ceiling

A painter from Vancouver uses three main types of drywall:

  • ceiling (popcorn ceiling);
  • wall;
  • moisture resistant.

Special impregnation of the cardboard makes it resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Impregnation and fire safety are also provided by impregnation (raw cardboard itself is prone to fire).

Drywall does not cause allergies in people who will live in the room after repair. The only important point: if after mounting a primer is applied to it, it is important to putty and paint it and choose the right one with safe components in the composition.

Where to use drywall

A painter from Vancouver uses drywall for the following construction purposes:

  • wall cladding in order to hide imperfections level the surface;
  • creation of false ceilings;
  • thermal insulation of the room;
  • creation of original details, decorations, design solutions in the interior of the room;
  • construction of interior partitions;
  • decoration of industrial premises;
  • exterior decoration of the facade of the house.

Depending on the scope of use, drywall can be fixed in two ways: on self-tapping screws for metal and on special glue. For example, to smooth the surface and hide the imperfections of the wall, the material is glued, when creating suspended ceilings, it is fixed on a special metal frame using self-tapping screws. In any case, with proper installation, the fixation will be strong and reliable.

If you live in British Columbia, then you are very lucky! A painter from Vancouver will make any complex surface out of drywall. All work will be performed quality and for an optimal budget. Order a free estimate of construction work.

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