Alignment walls with Drywall Installation

Align the walls with drywall installation. They are excellent at this task. Sturdy enough, easy to cut and use. The way of their mounting is quite flexible and allows using this material extremely efficiently. The technology of wall leveling with drywall will help to hide the unevenness of the wall or erect a partition if necessary.

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The most reliable and at the same time the easiest way to erect a wall from gypsum board is a framework. To form the frame, a special profile is used for drywall installation. Screws are fastened to it with screws.

The disadvantage of this method of fastening is a large thickness of the resulting skin (from 1.57 inches and up), which will reduce the useful area of the room by several square feet.

Consider the order of the work on leveling the walls with drywall.

Wall preparation

Without preparatory work can not do. Before you make the alignment of walls in an apartment or office, they should remove all old cover. Especially it concerns plaster. Also, dismantling of the old coating will help to get rid of the extra inches that will be occupied by the skin.

wall preparation

Priming the wall is not necessary, but it is desirable. It is important to treat it with antiseptic means, especially if the outer wall is clad. On the floor near the wall and ceiling it is necessary to display the boundary of the wall with lines, which will be erected from drywall.

Erection of the frame

For the construction of the frame, a special galvanized profile is used. This involves the use of profiles of several types and forms. First of all, on the ceiling and floor, as well as adjacent walls, the UD profile is mounted, its central part resting on the surface. To fix them is worth the dowels.

ud profil

In the received frame it is possible to begin installation of vertical jumpers from the profile of CD, which will serve as a support for sheets of drywall. At the same time, they are fixed with edges to the wall, and an even wide side to the room. The profile can be clamped with special screws with a drill at the end, they are specially designed for galvanized profiles and easily make holes for themselves and twist the frame parts.

cd profil

The first profile is installed directly at one of the side walls. All the rest at a distance of half a sheet of drywall from each other. The distance is measured from the center of one profile to the center of the other, and not from their edges. This distance is reasoned by the standard width of the drywall and is designed for fastening the sheet along the edges and in the center. Under the other wall is also closely attached profile.

Gate from profil

For reliability, special perforated suspensions are used. They are strips of galvanizing with stiffeners in the central part and perforated at the ends. They are bent in the form of a gate and are attached to the wall under each vertical profile. The edges are screwed to the profile. It is important to keep the profile installation level.


If the length of the drywall sheet is less than the height of the walls, then add pieces from above or below. To do this, jumpers between vertical profiles from the same profile CD are mounted.

Drywall installation

On the prepared frame it is now possible to install the drywall on the walls. For this use screws made of blackened iron. It is best to screw them with a screwdriver in order to make it easier to drown the screws of the screws. Screw the screws every 4 inches along the perimeter and center of the sheet. Most often, the sheets are equipped with a central line on the front to facilitate the process.

drywall installation

To fill gaps that do not include the whole sheet, you need to cut out pieces of a suitable size. To do this, use an ordinary construction knife. The sheet of paper is cut along the line of the piece and the sheet breaks, then the paper is cut on the second side.

drywall installation

Now you can consider the dry alignment of the walls with your own hands executed. Will only finish the special coat.


After the installation of drywall at the edge of each sheet there is a small strip below the level of the sheet itself. This makes it easier later to seal the seams. A special self-adhesive mesh is used for this. On top of it, a layer of starting putty is applied to equalize the recess to the general level.

special self-adhesive mesh

Further processing of sheets depends on the lining used. If the tile or any thick non-translucent material will be laid, it is sufficient to cover the joints with a filler.


For painting and using wallpaper, it will be necessary to open the entire surface of the wall of drywall with the finishing putty. The layer of putty should be minimal. Next, surface grinding and priming are performed. Under painting it is necessary to bring the surface to the ideal, so that the process of grinding can be alternated with the application of additional layers of putty.

As a result, a perfectly and smooth surface is obtained without the special labor and costs associated with plastering. With drywall installation it is possible to make walls between rooms or different partitions. You can also decorate the ceiling and walls.

plastering finish

Of course, installation of drywall can be done independently. You can read Jeff Patterson's tips How To Install Drywall on the site HomeRepairTutor.

But you have seen how laborious this process is. We advise you to save time and nerves and trust the professionals. Call the team PaintCity and we will do this work in the shortest possible time!

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