Drywall thermal insulation: does it worth it?

Thermal insulation can protect the house from dampness, drafts and create a pleasant microclimate. It helps to protect the house from the adverse effects of the environment. One of the best ways to conserve heat is the thermal walls insulation from inside with drywall and some other materials you need to know.

Drywall is a material with undeniable advantages in comparison with other finishing methods. It is very convenient to work with and the insulation is cheap and beautiful. To fix drywall directly to the wall you can use plaster or cement-polymer glue. The room area does not decrease and sound insulation appears. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to make the whole construction strong enough to protect it from breaks.

Warming under the gypsum board thus gives very little heat is not recommended. The metal frame will last much longer than the bars from the bar. Wood can dry and deform especially in the case of sudden temperature changes. With the use of this method, everything is simple. Even without the installation of additional insulation, the air layer between the wall and gypsum boards ensures thermal insulation.

Drywall thermal insulationYou can not save on thermal insulation

The undoubted advantage of thermal insulation is the geometrically perfect surface of the walls and a sufficiently high efficiency of thermal insulation. A disadvantage is the thickness of the frame for fixing gypsum cardboard occupies a part of the area of the room. It’s very important and simply unacceptable for a small room. It should also be noted that drywall has a low bearing capacity. It is not allowed to hang heavy shelves and other interior elements. It is possible to solve this problem by means of installation of additional vertical profiles anchors fastening to a wall through sheets of drywall.

Gypsum board does not differ in mechanical strength. At impact, it can break. Untreated sheets, when subjected to force acting on them, emit dust that adversely affects the human condition. All technical nuances should be thought out in advance. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the drywall. Water resistance and heat transfer are also important. Calculation of the budget will help to determine the final cost. Special solutions will help improve thermal insulation. Choose the most environmentally friendly option. Use the services of professionals or find out all the nuances of thermal insulation personally.

Thermal insulation in British Columbia

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