Features of facade plaster

One of the important stages of home renovation is the decoration of the facade and plastering of the walls. The facade is the first thing everyone pays attention to when looking at the house, as this is an indicative part of it. An important fact is that the outside of the house is heavily exposed to external negative influences. Therefore, you need to correctly and responsibly approach the repair of the outside. The main advantages and functions of facade plaster are good protection against the negative effects of natural and mechanical origin, as well as the creation of an original decor. facade plaster


The advantages of facade plaster can be distinguished:
  1. Quality. The composition is made of high enough quality for convenient operation and durability. It is flexible and adheres to all surfaces.
  2. Shelf life. Storage of this material is possible for a long period of time and the composition does not deteriorate and does not change its properties.
  3. Sustainability. This composition is very resistant to mechanical damage. Also, weather conditions do not affect him, and he protects the house well from humidity, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet exposure.
  4. Not toxic. Facade plaster is not toxic.
  5. It does not require special care. The plaster does not absorb dirt, so cleaning will not be difficult. To clean the coating, it will be enough to wash it. Some materials have the ability to clean themselves.
  6. Ease of use. In order to do everything right, you only need to know the sequence of actions and a few tools. But, it is better to contact professionals who know exactly how to do it.
  7. Large assortment. With such a material, there are many variations on how it will look. In the store, you can find plaster of different colors, shades, and textures. This greatly facilitates the work when you want a design in addition to quality.
  8. Appearance. If the work is done correctly, the facade will look very attractive and neat.

What is the result?

Facade plastering is one of the best materials for decorating the exterior walls of a house. Many advantages and qualities can be purchased at a relatively low cost. Also, this material is used after wall insulation. Due to the fact that it lets steam through, it affects the comfortable microclimate inside the room.

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