Features of the renovation in the new building

After purchasing an apartment in a new house, landlords or tenants are planning to carry out repairs in the future housing. In terms of volume, these works are very similar to capital repairs, however, this is not the case. Carrying out repairs in a new building has a number of features that cannot be ignored.

The best option would be to invite experienced repairmen for all the work. If you bought an apartment in Vancouver, you can order a comprehensive repair service from PaintCity Team.

 you can order a comprehensive repair service


What distinguishes the renovations in the new building from the overhaul in a residential area

After the construction of a high-rise building, as is known, the building shrinks. This is the first point that must be considered when planning and carrying out repairs in a new apartment. If you do not know how to work correctly in such conditions and with what materials, undesirable cracks and other defects may soon appear on the new finish.

Possible complications after improper renovations in a new apartment

  • Cracks on painted walls;
  • Swelling of the interior;
  • Leaks at the junction near the pipes of heating and water supply;
  • Distortions in doorways, arches, window openings.

How is the renovation in the new building in Vancouver

How is the renovation in the new building in Vancouver

After drawing up the design project, repair works are carried out directly in compliance with the stages. Initially, according to the project, the masters carry out works on dismantling the walls and partitions, carry out all the planned communications (ventilation, water supply, and sewage, electricity). Then plastering and screeding of walls and ceilings is carried out, windows and doors are installed.

The second stage should be carried out intermediate work, such as install tiles in the bathroom, hallway, in the kitchen, installing drywall according to the design project. Then you can proceed to the finishing and installation of plumbing, all household appliances. When everything is ready, the team of masters leaves and people are invited to complete the cleaning of the finished apartment.

The price of a complex repair in a new apartment in Vancouver

The cost of repair work in an apartment in a new building in Vancouver, of course, is much more expensive compared to cosmetics in a residential area. However, if it is important for you to save finances, it is better to order a complete repair from one professional contractor than to plan each process in stages with a new group of a handyman.

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