How to find a good painter

Finding the good painter for your home or office project can be quite not easy. According to all trades of building, painting is a skilled work and it’s essential to provide your painter about all defects. Follow this advice, and you will get your painting project done in a proper way.

Ask friends and family

You may consult all your friends who hired painting team or painter. Ask any family members or friends, who you trust, to consult you, where find the professional painter. Ask how much money did it take and if they are satisfied with painting results.

Check the special website

The most popular sites – and They allow you to set up profiles, advertise your services and show your previous work in order to get a piece of job.
In the search bar you should type “Painter” and type your location, for example, “Coquitlam” or “Vancouver”.

Make sure about your staff list of traders who are really painter. But set those who has a high rating, the photos of early projects and more positive reviews. The best thing, you must ask for testimonials from previous jobs.

Check special forums and Social media for Painter

Many painters have profile in a social media. In such business pages they have an active presentation. More of them show their talents in Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or others. You can use the search and find painter in your area, why not? Use hashtags: #painter, #painting, #paintingcompany, #paintingservice and other.

Check special forums and Social media

Good painter have more followers and friends, if post online lot of photos and videos of their work. In your list, it is probably to get professionals who are working to promote their services in social media.

Once you’ve gotten through all these sources, it’s likely a useful idea to set your short lists together. We believe that it is enough to have five positions in the list. Make contact with painters and get free estimate!

What questions should be asked:

  • Where can I look at a gallery of previous works?
  • Where can I learn about testimonials?
  • Do you have any time to work with my project? Does it go with your timetable?
  • How soon you will be able to start work?
  • Do you have your own favorite paint brands?
  • Do you take all the wastes away?
  • Who is responsible for floor and/or wall preparations?

We would like to remind you that the painter who will impress you with his definitely good knowledge, with his previous works and with high responsibility for the work is rather better then that who promises to start tomorrow.

All the best in your project!

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