Free estimate: how to do it right

We receive many requests to evaluate the work on this or that object. After analyzing the orders, we decided to tell you how to order a free estimate correctly.

It should be remembered that we appreciate not only our time, but also the time of each client. If the customer when addressing in detail describes the features of the future repair, then the assessment can be made faster.

Before a free estimate answer the questions

First, let's show one of the good examples. We were contacted by Ina C .:

Hi there, please respond with a price estimate. 

Here are my answers to Yelp's questions regarding my project: 

Which service do you need?

Indoor painting 

Which ZIP code is your property located in?

V3x 1B8 

What type of space needs painting?


What kind of painting do you need?

Repainting with a new color 

Which rooms do you need to paint?


What surfaces do you need painted?


How much surface area do you need painted?

Less than 500 sq ft 

How high are the ceilings in your building?

Less than 10 ft 

Do you need any wall repairs before painting can begin?


Do you have paint?

No, but I know what color I want 

When do you need service?

Within a week 

Anything else we should know?

I need an estimate for a one bedroom wall painting.

Free estimate

The woman asked herself questions and immediately responded to them. At the same time, she wants to paint only one bathroom. In this case, we can only name the price. It's nice to deal with such customers!

Therefore, our advice to those who want to make repairs. Before ordering a free evaluation, answer a few questions. Examples of questions you already have.

Show photos of home repair

Many contractors have a contact form. We also use the contact form. In one of the latest reports there was a very interesting solution:


I'm just looking for a quote on painting the inside of our apartment. We are moving into a new place and looking to get rid of the green walls. The panelling at the bottom would stay the same. You can see photos and details of the apartment at this link


Free estimate

The client decided not to waste time talking, and all photographed and posted on the Internet. It is very convenient to look at the object in this way.

We want to say "Thank you" to our customers. It's pleasure to work with you! We are ready to help you with your repair at any time. Contact 😉

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