How to hang a TV on a drywall

Modern LCD TV is lightweight and minimal in thickness. Thanks to these parameters, they can be fixed to drywall walls and, thus, save space, which will be an excellent solution in rooms with limited space.

Painter from Vancouver claims that, in order to securely fix the TV on a plasterboard wall, you will need to purchase an appropriate mount (bracket) that resembles a butterfly in appearance and find out what weight the design is designed for.

TV on drywall

What you need to mount the TV to drywall


  • drill or perforator;
  • level, marker or pencil;
  • roulette;
  • screwdriver.



  • dowels or anchors;
  • wooden bars (approximate size 50x50 mm);
  • metal corners;
  • strap.


Painter from Vancouver knows that Installation can be carried out on the partition itself, in a special shelf or using a bracket. Drywall wall is capable of supporting the weight of equipment up to 66 ft. (30 kg). It is better not to hang the TV on the wall of drywall alone, as this is quite inconvenient, and there is a risk of breaking the equipment. To get a high-quality final result and ensure reliable fixation of the structure, you should use the services of a qualified craftsman.


What anchors / dowels can I hang the TV on

In most cases, a plasma TV is hung on the butterfly dowels. They pass through the GCR and the constructed metal frame. In the form of load-bearing elements when mounting the TV, metal pipes, anchors, I-beams, channels and other products designed for a certain load appear. To ensure that the device is securely fixed to the wall, use the butterfly plug, umbrella, hartmut and Molly anchor.

How to hang a large TV on drywall

A small LCD TV can be hung on the wall without additional amplification. Painter from Vancouver knows that for larger models, a strong frame and reinforced gypsum board with a beam or metal profile, 2 mm thick, should be provided. This will proportionally distribute the load.

Plastic dowels can be supplied with the bracket. They should not be used with drywall, as they tend to break off. The best solution would be to mount using dowels, screws.

For large LCD TVs, an arch or niche is provided. You can also “drill” through a sheet of drywall into a concrete or brick wall using large dowels. Thanks to this solution, there will be no load on the GKL partition, which will prevent its deformation. In addition, it is possible to hang the TV on a plasterboard wall without an arm and without doing the overall frames. To do this, the TV must be flat and have grooves on the case for bolts. The fastening process is carried out using supports.

Happy family with TV

How to hang a TV on a drywall wall

Vancouver painter advises: the easiest way to hang the TV on a drywall with a butterfly dowel. To fix the bracket, you will need to determine the area of the wall where the device will be placed, and mark it with a marker. Using a drill, a hole is drilled that is identical to the diameter of the dowel. Fasteners are inserted and a self-tapping screw is screwed in, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the dowel head is stationary. The supports are installed in an upright position along the partition and are firmly fixed to the floor, and if possible, then to the ceiling. The result is a reinforced frame that can withstand various electronic equipment.

When the distance from the drywall to the wall is more than 10 cm, the best choice is to use special mortgages to fix the LCD TV and the overall plasma TV. They wind up through a hole made in the gypsum wall, and then the bracket is attached. These devices may consist of sheets of plywood or a wide metal profile. Self-tapping screws are used to fix them. The resulting hole is closed with a piece of drywall, putty, cleaned, and also painted or glued with wallpaper. To mount the TV on a drywall partition that has poor bearing capacity, you will need to mount auxiliary outdoor racks.

If you can handle installing the TV on the wall yourself, great! If you think this work is complicated, then do not worry - the painter from Vancouver will come to the rescue!

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