Home Renovation: 9 useful tips for everyone

Any home renovation is similar to a business project that has a concept, plan, schedule, and budget. These tips will help you to reveal the nuances that are important for every renovation.

Keep in reserve

Set a little more than it necessary during making the estimate. It will save you from unpleasant financial surprises during the whole repair process.

Find a place to live

The best option is to move temporarily to relatives or friends. In extreme cases, you can stay in the apartment and do the repair in stages, carefully protecting the house from dust and debris.

 Inform your neighbors

Many people miss this point. It’s a very important thing! Tell your neighbors about the renovation and no one call the police after strange noises in your house. It also helps you to keep friendly relations with neighbors.

Start Home Renovation from the most important thing


Start Home Renovation from the most important thing

Start the home renovation from the bathroom, kitchen or the farthest room. Then move towards the corridor. It's a good idea to start first with windows, doors, and ceiling, and then proceed to walls and floor. This approach will reduce the amount of debris and unnecessary work. The balcony should be the last part of the renovation process.

Use the color palette

There’s a little trick to select a harmonious palette of the whole apartment. It's much easier to notice color discrepancy this way.

Use the color palette


Choose a color due to the room’s location

Use both worm and cold colors in your apartment. Be sure to consider every room location and the amount of daylight in it. For example, the northern side of the apartment can be "warmed" with shades of warm colors. Cold colors will be a good choice for the southern rooms.

Don’t save money on heat and noise insulation

Make warming or protecting the apartment from excessive noise better at the rough stage of home renovation. Do not pursue cheapness because it’s not easy to do the same job twice.

Maintain the style harmony

Choose the same style for the entire interior or combine different rooms with the same decoration elements. Prepare the renovation plan before you start working.

Try to take care of the garbage

It is better to remove construction waste yourself or to order a special service. It is desirable to pack small debris in strong bags. Try to get rid of it regularly. Don’t obstruct passages.

Home Renovation in Vancouver


Home Renovation in British Columbia

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