All kinds of paints: this colorful world

How to buy paints

From the variety of paints that can be seen on the shelves of shops, eyes run out. We will show you how to buy paint what you need.

Any paint – a complex chemical composition, which covers a particular surface. These coatings perform decorative and protective functions. When dried, a strong film forms, which becomes an obstacle to many external influences. To cope with their tasks, the paint should match the type of surface to be painted. Otherwise, it quickly crawls, cracked, bubbles. That is why there is a clear separation, what colors are needed for what.

Any paint - a complex chemical composition, which covers a particular surface

So different paints

The two largest groups, on which you can divide all the colors: for internal and external works. The first are designed for everything that is inside the premises: walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, doors, etc. The second is for what’s outside. Basically, there are facades of buildings. Such paints are called facade paints.

It is also possible to distinguish groups by composition: oily, alkyd and water-dispersive. Oily are made on the basis of drying oil. They are from the cheapest, long enough to dry and have a characteristic unpleasant odor. Alkyd contains synthetic components in their composition, they are more expensive, but they have good performance characteristics. The most natural can be considered water-dispersion paints. They fit well on the surface, breathe and almost do not smell. However, such paints are not resistant to moisture. Each species has its pros and cons. Therefore, when choosing the right one, it will be guided by the purpose of the material.

In the most often painted walls

Rich inner world

In the most often painted walls. To ensure that they pass air well, it is recommended to cover them with water-based paints. However, if you plan to make repairs in a room with special conditions, there may be options. For example, for rooms with high humidity – bathrooms or kitchens – it is better to use acrylic paints on a water basis. They are more persistent. Walls after painting can be washed. For a children’s room, paints resistant to abrasion, having grease-repellent properties, are suitable. Some manufacturers are ready to offer even bactericidal paints. Speaking about the design of walls in your home, you can not ignore the fact that the modern paint industry is ready to offer a variety of materials with additional decorative effects. There are matte, glossy, with pearl luster or velvet effect.

Special complications are caused by the coloration of the ceiling, since ordinary paint under the influence of gravity then lies incorrectly, it drips, then strives to flow down the walls. For such non-standard works it is better to use a special thixotropic paint. Thixotropy – this property of the material becomes less viscous when subjected to mechanical action. That is, this paint becomes liquid only with stirring. But as soon as she is left alone, she thickens very quickly. Painted on the ceiling, such a paint just does not have time to spread and will lie flat.

If you decide to paint wooden furniture, doors or floor, it is better to use oil or alkyd materials, acrylic enamels on a water basis. Formulations based on water can cause rotting wood. Since the tree is very soft and soft material, it is recommended to additionally treat it with special impregnations and varnishes, and for the floor there are compositions with plasticizers. They at times increase the strength of the coating and allow it to retain a presentable appearance much longer.

All the same, what was said about the paint for wood, we can say about the coatings for metal – because he, too, is afraid of water. Additional amplifiers include varnishes and anticorrosive compounds. And if you plan on painting pipes or batteries, check that the coating is resistant to sharp temperature changes.

In fact, picking the right option is not as difficult as it seems. Usually on cans with paint it is immediately indicated, for what it is intended – for furniture, for kitchens and bathrooms, etc.

Paints designed for facades are not just deco

Winter and summer in bright colors

Paints designed for facades are not just decor. Their protective properties are no less important than the quality of the walls themselves. Interactions with wind, sun, rain or snow oblige the coating to retain not only attractiveness, but also stamina. They should not burn out, resist the ultraviolet, do not let the moisture inside the house and at the same time let out the steam well. If the paint does not cope with these tasks, then not only will the house look shabby – even the walls can begin to break down from within from the excess of moisture. This applies to stone, and brick, and concrete structures.

For wooden houses it is necessary to pick up a paint not only waterproof, but also incombustible, that the building was protected from any troubles. Metal surfaces require an anti-corrosion coating.

Paints for outdoor work have some special features that you should know about. For example, acrylic paints have all the necessary qualities and in terms of
Decorativeness, and the view of operation. But those of them that are made on a water basis, can not be applied at a temperature below 12 ° C. For lower temperatures, only organosoluble, that is, those that are diluted with a solvent, are suitable.

Also there are silicone paints for facades. Unlike the rest, they form on the surface not a film, but a thin mesh, but this does not deprive them of water-repellent qualities. Their drawback is that they quickly burn out and wear off. Nevertheless, they are used quite often.

Finally, let’s say: if you still doubt whether it is worth contacting with coloring in principle, remember that the technologies do not stand still. Painting walls or a fence now is a much easier and more enjoyable process than 10-20 years ago. Modern materials lie better, and dry faster. There are even those who are not afraid of people suffering from allergies.

So boldly go to the store for new colors and new ideas!

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