How to Drywall Partition

In this article we will tell you how to build interior partition from drywall in a house or office. It's much cheaper and faster than building a brick wall. You can also make additional soundproofing.

In addition to materials for the production of works, we need a tool:

• cordless screwdriver or small drill with a suitable nozzle;
• small manual building level;
• yardstick;
• plumb bob for leveling the vertical profile guides.

In order to build a partition, we need to first make a rigid frame. To make it, you will need a galvanized profile with additional elements and wooden stick. They will be needed to make the frame stronger in some places. We will coat the frame with Plasterboard sheets using self-tapping screws.

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Having prepared the necessary tools and materials, you can proceed directly to the construction of the partition of gypsum board.

The process of the device gypsum cardboard partition consists of several stages: mounting the frame from the guide profiles, installing a doorway (if necessary), filling the frame with drywall, finishing work.

Let's consider these stages in order.

Mounting of the framework for the partition frame

Mounting of the framework for the partition frame

Before installing the frame, you need to make a marking on the floor and ceiling in the desired location using the level.

  • fixing the guide profile along the line on the floor;
  • in the lower profile near the walls we insert vertical guides, which are fixed to the walls with dowels strictly vertically. At the joints of profiles we use conventional screws for fixing them among themselves;
  • we carry out installation of the ceiling profile with constant control by means of a plumb.

As a result, fixing the four profiles, we get a rectangular frame - the basis for the future the partition of drywall.

Forming the elements of the doorway

Forming the elements of the doorway

If you need to make a custom door, then in the frame you need to provide a place to install the door unit. The walls must be rigid to withstand the load.

The doorway is formed in the following sequence:

  • we cut the rack-mount galvanized profile in height, we supply it with a wooden stick, which we insert inside;
  • prefabricated structures with sticks are inserted inside the guide profiles on the floor and ceiling, so that the width at the bottom and at the top of the doorway coincides;
  • with the help of any level we make a careful control of the vertical installation of the door pillars and fix them with galvanized screws;
  • cut out from the piece of the rack section a section equal to the width of the doorway for making the cross beam. In it, too, insert the stick and set to the required height strictly horizontally;
  • on the underside of the posts and the crossbar, prepare small holes for the nail. To do this, you need a drill with a suitable drill bit;
  • nails need to be fastened to wooden structures that are inserted inside the profiles. For this, the nails are very accurately hammered with a conventional hammer;
  • we finish the cross-piece assembly after screwing the screws on the side on both sides.

Having completely built the doorway, we begin to install the rest of the vertical racks.

Mounting of the framework

Mounting of vertical racks

We continue to build a partition of drywall:

  • the mounting location of the rack profile is marked by the width of the drywall sheet. Thus, there will be 3 racks per sheet;
  • since whole drywall sheets are better to put from the middle to the edges, in order to hide the cuttings in the most inconspicuous places, then the posts must be started from the doorway towards the walls;
  • each vertical profile is checked by level and fastened to the guide screw.

Installation of horizontal beams

Installation of horizontal beams and wiring

To increase the rigidity of the entire structure, all vertical guides must be connected by horizontal bridges.

  • from the rack section, pieces are made, the edges of which are cut out so that they can be fixed to vertical posts;
  • when the frame is assembled, we put electrical wires inside it. For this, the profile manufacturer has provided special holes in its products;
  • electrical wiring is laid inside the plasterboard partitions in special corrugated non-flammable insulation.

At this point, the installation of the framework for the gypsum board partition can be considered complete.

Installation of drywall sheets on a frame

Installation of drywall sheets on a frame

Before you begin to install sheets, you need to know how they can be cut if necessary:

  • if there are no special devices for cutting plasterboard, then you can use a conventional construction knife;
  • to cut a sheet on the desired line, it is necessary to put a piece of the profile on it and cut the gypsum layer as much as possible by repeated movements of the knife. After that just enough to break the sheet on this notch. The cut edges are treated with a special plane for drywall. If it is not, then you can do it with a knife;
  • we fasten the drywall to the guides using self-tapping screws. Self-tapping must necessarily be drowned in the body of the sheet, but we must try not to break through the cardboard;
  • when installing the sheets, we orient ourselves along vertical guides to maintain the level;
  • when installing a drywall sheet, it is necessary to provide a certain clearance from below.

installing the sheets

For this purpose we establish identical supports. The gap is needed so that the sheets do not deform.

Drywall Partition

Sound insulation of partitions is made with the help of mineral wool, which fits between the sheets.

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Correctly constructed construction will be tough, stable and attractive externally.

Video of this process will help to better understand the entire technology and the sequence of the device.

Also you can consult the experts of the company Knauf.

If you doubt that you are able to create an drywall partition with your own hands, then we recommend that you turn to professionals for help.

The team PaintCity is always ready to help you!

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