How to Paint Doors Yourself

Painting wooden doors is a good opportunity to refresh the interior and save some money. It often happens that there’s not enough money to buy a new door but the old one is still in excellent condition. All it needs is some cosmetic repairs or minimal restoration. Anyone can reanimate the design and enjoy the work result. There are 5 steps of a successful door painting with your own hands.

Painting wooden doors

Be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Painting doors from solid pine wood or any other tree should begin with cleaning the canvas. Remove the door from the hinges; remove all the handles and locks. Clean the surface from old paint or varnish. You can remove the old coating with a building dryer. Don’t use acetone or sharp objects to tear off paint. It won’t give you a good result. Moreover, so you can damage the structure of the canvas. Only a building dryer will accurately remove all unnecessary.
  2. Preparing the door for painting. A primed surface with a putty layer holds the paint better and looks nice and neat. You can sand the surface with a belt sander before applying the primer. The main thing is that you will get a clean, dry and flat surface for work.
  3. Seal all the places that aren’t necessary to paint with masking tape. It can be glass or decorative items. If you won’t do that you may paint the wrong surface and ruin the interior. After completion of the work, you can easily remove the tape.
  4. Apply color layer. It’s better to use two types of tools: a brush for small areas and a roller with velour pile for large ones. You can also use sprayers. Such a method is faster but requires special attention and accuracy. Use a brush only if you need to make a lacquer layer after painting. Grind an already painted surface before applying the second layer if it’s necessary.
  5. Let the construction to dry completely. Only then can it be returned to the hinges.

How to choose the door paint

It’s a hard task to choose the correct paint and the right color for the doors. There are too many types of paint and you need to distinguish them in practicality, quality, and capabilities:

  • Nitro enamel. It’s a reliable option that promises a long service life and resistance to external factors. But it’s better to work on the open area because of a very sharp and unpleasant smell.
  • Water-based latex paint. It is easy to clean and easy to apply. It is not necessary to apply varnish after such painting. The MDF interior doors surface will be smooth and beautiful. There are three types of latex: gloss, matte and satin.
  • Alkyd enamel – one of the most affordable paints. But it dries longer than nitro enamel. Also, the disadvantages include the need to varnish. The door resistance to various factors will be low without it.
  • Acrylic enamel is eco-friendly material without a strong smell. But it also requires coating with varnish to continue the lifetime period.

Paint Doors

Tips and tricks on how to paint doors without defects

Each technology of high-quality reconstruction hides some secrets and methods you can use to achieve the best results. It’s highly recommended taking into account several practical tips of the masters:

  • Apply paint only along the fibers.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the tool of the tool if you are thinking about how to paint a wooden door with a brush. It should be semi-dry. The wet brush will not allow evenly distribute the paint. Dry one can make it difficult to apply the compound at the joints.
  • Never work with the blade in an upright position. The paint will drain and the surface will not get a uniform color.
  • You can use wood stain for the canvas restoration. The use of such material is welcome if you wish to leave the wood pattern. To do this, apply the liquid first along the fibers.
  • You can make several paint layers. Always wait for the complete drying of each layer!

Be sure to do the preparatory stage correctly and have patience. Don’t rush and do all the work tasks strictly after drying each layer and the final result will be professional.

Painting doors in Vancouver

If you are sure that you will not be able to paint the door yourself, then ask for help. Call (778) 865-4107  or write us to find out how much it will cost.

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