How to Paint Floor

Paint floor is the cheapest way to quickly update the interior of an apartment and a house. In addition, the painted floors are characterized by greater wear resistance and a long service life.

Painting floors in Vancouver or elsewhere refers to simple painting works. It does not require special skills, and it can be done independently. Before you get started, you should learn the basic steps, the choice of materials and tools used in floor painting.


Wooden floors are the most common. There are a large number of their varieties: plank, parquet, cork, plywood and others. Unbroken wooden floors look untidy, wear out quickly and are inconvenient to operate.


Painting of floors from a tree can be done with oil paints, alkyd varnishes and enamels, protective alkyd or acrylic impregnations.

  • Paints and enamels hide the texture of the tree and allow a uniform color. Thus treating the floors of the boards.
  • Varnishes give a glossy transparent surface. Usually varnish is covered with parquet floors.
  • Protective impregnation protects the wooden floor from damage. They do not hide the texture of the tree and can give an interesting shade to the wood.

When choosing a paint and varnish, pay attention to the information on the packaging. Typically, the manufacturer indicates on the label the type of paint or varnish the surface for which this kind of coating is intended, the approximate flow rate, the recommended number of layers, the drying time, and also how this varnish or paint can be diluted.


Most painting work is preceded by careful preparation of the surface. The result of staining depends on the quality of its conduct.

Preparation of the floor for painting consists of several stages:

  1. If there are remains of the previous paint on the surface of the wooden floor, it is better to clean them with a spatula, sandpaper or special grinding machine. If this is not done, the old paint will exfoliate from the tree, reducing the life of the new coating. It can also be inspected through a layer of new paint, worsening the appearance of the floor.
  2. If the surface of the wooden field is uneven, it must be sanded.
  3. The surface of the floor is cleaned of dirt with detergents and, if possible, degreased with solvents.
  4. New wood floor before painting should be treated with linseed oil - this will reduce paint consumption and increase the life of the floor.
  5. With the putty it is necessary to level the surface of the floor, to cover the slots between the boards and holes. Instead of putty, use a mixture of glue and small wood sawdust. If you failed to completely clean the surface of the old paint, you can paint the filler mixture with new paint - due to this the floor surface will have a uniform color.
  6. After the putty completely dries, you can start painting.

More about the prepwork can be found here.


For painting wooden floors, you can use a medium paint brush, a foam rubber roller or a spray gun.

Begin work with paint brushing hard-to-reach places: corners, skirting boards and a small strip near them. The rest of the surface is better to paint with a paint roller - this will get a smoother surface without brush strokes. During painting, the paint should be stirred regularly to avoid the appearance of stains.

The average paint consumption is indicated on the packaging. If the overlay is too thin, then soon wiped spots may appear on the floor. If the paint layer is very thick - the surface can wrinkle, which will clog dirt.

painting wooden floors

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When performing work on painting the floor, one should not forget about ventilation, since most paints have an unpleasant smell and are toxic. In addition, good ventilation can reduce the drying time of the paint. Do not recommend to open completely the doors and windows, as the dried paint can get dust and dirt, and this will worsen the quality of the surface.

The paint is applied in 2 layers parallel to the direction of the boards. The second layer is applied only after the previous one has dried completely.


Since the varnish coating is transparent, the wooden floor should be looped. Loop is the removal of old paintwork, which also eliminates dirt and damage to the floor surface. The cycle is carried out using a special grinding machine or sandpaper.

After the cycle, the surface is completely cleaned of dust with a vacuum cleaner.

The application of lacquer is done in the same way and tools as painting. The only difference is that the varnish needs to be slightly heated before use, and it takes more time to dry it.

varnish coating

Having seen this video, you will learn more about cycling and opening with varnish of a parquet wooden floor:


Plywood is often used for making a substrate on which linoleum or carpet is laid, as well as an independent floor covering. In order to paint the plywood floor, you should prepare the sheets before the installation of the coating:

  1. the sheets are dried;
  2. the surface of each sheet is sanded with sandpaper;
  3. both sides of the sheet are treated with alkyd impregnation to protect the plywood from the fungus.

After laying plywood sheets, they are primed with acrylic mixtures to prevent cracking, eliminate surface defects and extend the life. For paint floor from plywood, you can use oil, alkyd or acrylic paints.


Concrete floors are characterized by a fragile surface, which crumbles and dusts. On the concrete surface, often difficult to remove stains. In order to improve the performance of such floors, they can also be dyed.

Before painting, the concrete floor is polished using brushes, special scrubs or a grinding machine. Then the surface should be vacuumed and cleaned to remove dust. Techniques and tools for coating the enamel of concrete surfaces are the same as for painting wooden floors.

epoxy coat

For painting concrete use a special enamel, which forms a thin polymer film on the surface, improving the performance properties of the floor. After processing with such enamel, the floor can be painted with any floor paint.

You can learn more about painting concrete floors by watching the following video:


After the paint has dried, it should be fixed. On sale there are special polishes and glosses that give the surface of the freshly painted floor a glossy sheen and increase the strength of the paint.

paint floor

If you think that this process is too complicated or you do not have the necessary tools, then we advise you to trust professionals.

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