How to paint the door

Each of us faced a situation when it is necessary to update the paint on the doors. Two options: do it yourself or call the masters. In this article, we will analyze the first option.

Immediately begin with the fact that the whole process of painting the doors should be divided into stages:

  • Preparation of doors for painting
  • Paint selection
  • Painting doors

Preparation of doors for painting

Remove the door from the hinges, remove all the handles and locks. Clean the surface from old paint or varnish. It is recommended to remove the old coating with a building dryer. Using acetone or trying to tear off paint with sharp objects will not give the expected result. Moreover, so you can damage the structure of the canvas. While the use of a hairdryer will accurately and accurately remove all unnecessary.

Painting doors

Primed surfaces, with all the holes and flaws, closed with a putty, hold the paint better and look nice and neat. You can sand the surface with a sanding machine or manually sand it with fine sandpaper before applying the primer. The main thing is that as a result, you get a clean, dry and flat ground for work.

Cover with masking tape all the places that do not need to be painted. For example, glass, decorative items. Because if you are going to paint the interior doors in the apartment in white or any other color, the extra color stains on the design details of the canvas you do not need. Masking tape will take all the "blows", and after the completion of the work, you can easily remove it.

Paint selection

If you have wooden doors, then it is necessary, when purchasing paint, to read on the can what it is for. If suitable for wooden doors - feel free to buy.

Vancouver painters advise paint makers - Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.

Acrylic paints are well suited for interior doors. For exterior doors, rubber or oil-based paints can be purchased. Just remember that acrylic paint dries quickly and has virtually no odor. But oil paints dry for a long time and have a peculiar smell. Therefore, take all precautions.

Painting doors

In order to get an ideal surface, it is better to use two types of tools: for small areas - a brush, for large ones - a roller with a velor pile. You can also use sprayers. This method is faster but requires special attention and accuracy.

Painting doors

In order to paint them with lacquer after painting the interior doors, you only need a brush. Apply paint or varnish need at least two layers.

If necessary, grind an already painted surface before applying the second layer. Until the canvas is perfect for you.

Allow the construction to dry completely. Only then can it be returned to the hinges.

If you decide to do everything with your own hands, consider how it will be more convenient to paint a wooden door and how much material you need.

If you have a lot of doors you need to paint, but there is no time for painting work - call the professionals.

Apply paint

If you live in Vancouver, then the company PainCity will come to the rescue. A painter from Vancouver will do the job on time and for a small budget.

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