How to install a power outlet by yourself

Vancouver painters often install electrical outlets themselves. Today we share tips.

Often there is a situation where you need to install an additional outlet. You can call an electrician for such work or make the installation yourself.

It should be remembered that the outlets are internal and external. The principle of connection is the same since the electrical outlet is the endpoint of the electrical network.

The internal outlets are installed in special boxes, and the outer ones are fixed directly to the surface of the wall.

Mounting of external outlet

The principle of installing an external outlet is very simple and requires minimal effort. This kind of connection of consumers is used mainly in premises with external wiring.

install outlet

We will need an outlet, wire and a box that will hide the wires.

Installation of an external outlet is made as follows:

  • Disassemble the outlet.
  • Screw the base to the surface.
  • Connect the mains wires.
  • Screw the cover to the body.
  • Completely collect the outlet.

Installation of internal outlet

Panter from Vancouver advises: a completely different installation principle is used for internal outlets. At their fastening, a box is necessarily used. The outlet, in this case, is fixed with screws or with the help of spacer paws.

install outlet

Depending on the type of wall, prepare a place for the box. The easiest way to work with drywall. For this, a hole is drilled and a box is inserted. Screwing, the ears on the back of the plasterboard tighten the box and firmly fix it in place.

Connect the outlet to the mains

All the preparatory operations are completed and you can install and connect our new outlet.

  • Remove the top cover by unscrewing the bolts from the front.
  • Relax the contacts into which the power wires will be inserted.
  • Clean the ends of the power wires in the box.
  • Tighten the screws securing the wires in the housings. Tighten very tightly.
  • Collect the outlet.

The outlet is connected to the network and the last step is to replace the top cover, apply a voltage and try working capacity by connecting the consumer.

install outlet

Remember that everything is done only when the voltage is off!

Now you also know how to install the outlet. We are waiting for your comments and be sure to answer all.

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