Key features of the well-balanced design of the room

A room with a lack of design balance looks ridiculous and even annoying. Even expensive elements of the interior will not allow smoothing the negative perception. Each part of the room should be combined with the general concept and style. Otherwise, you and your guests will feel uncomfortable.

design of the room

If you want to avoid this - use the advice of designers. There are key features when creating an interior: the type of furniture, color design, and well-balanced proportions.

Furniture and proportions

A room where all furniture and other items have the same height looks unnatural. Place tall objects near low ones. If the sofa has a low back, put a cupboard or bookshelf next to it.

design of the room

Balance the weight. Imagine the room is a swing. It must be balanced. This will not happen if all massive items are on the one side. Arrange them evenly. For example, if there is a large closet near one wall, a bookshelf can hang on the opposite wall. Another example is the picture opposite the lamp. The room should not look as if it was tilted and all things moved in one direction.

design of the room

Lesser is better. Don’t turn the room into a warehouse of furniture. Use only really necessary items. But the lack of things should be avoided too. The room shouldn’t look empty. Even a small amount of furniture can make a difference.

Colors and texture

Don’t strive for perfection. Everything should be natural. For example, balanced white with a large pattern on the wall or a bright warm color with a textured object can be well combined. You can also combine different shades of the same color. For example, use a pale yellow wall and a “sunny” sofa near it.

design of the room

Play with contrast. Don’t maintain the whole room in one color. If everything is white, the room looks like a hospital. If everything is black the atmosphere becomes gloomy. Therefore, experiment and select different colors. Stop on two or three colors. This amount is enough for one room. You can experiment with their shades.

design of the room

Pay attention to the matching styles. Wall design should be harmoniously combined with furniture. Mixing styles rarely lead to successful combinations. Classical matching the style of the room and furniture is more acceptable. Classic interiors and time-tested design solutions always work. Visualize future design before renovation starts. You can use several related stylistic solutions if it does not cause a visual dissonance.

design of the room

Interior Design in Vancouver

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3D interior Design

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