How long does plaster take to dry?

Knowing the approximate drying time of the plaster you can plan the painting and avoid scrapes. There’s no way you can calculate the drying time. It depends on numerous factors. But you can find out the approximate time when it’s time to start the putty on the plastered surface.

The drying speed depends on:

  • The layer's thickness;
  • Type of plaster;
  • The room temperature and humidity;
  • The walls material.

The thicker the layer, the slower the plaster dries. It’s a physics rule, but it cannot be applied linearly to all types of plaster. You should know that compositions may be different. Regarding the type of plaster, the compounds with gypsum filler dry faster. The polymer and glutinous materials are drying much slower. The physics laws are acting on the drying speed.

The whole process is depending on the temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature, the faster the moisture evaporates from the plaster mix. The walls material also affects on the drying speed. Brick and gas silicate walls can let the plaster to dry faster because of the better absorption.


How to speed up the drying process?

Each plaster has its own drying time due to standard application conditions. Drying can be accelerated using heaters (heating fan). The warm air flow must be directed to the wall. It promotes the fastest evaporation from the plaster layer. However, this method is not always reasonable to use. The artificial drying acceleration can cause the wall cracks.

The room heating is advisable only in cases when the temperature doesn’t reach the plaster norm marked on the package. Another way to accelerate drying is to add gypsum to the cement mortar. This option is suitable for plastering walls with normal humidity. Plaster is not used for finishing baths, basements, and facade.

Open the windows to accelerate drying in rooms. It will reduce the air humidity. Wait until the plaster dries and start painting the surface. You will improve the quality of the renovation by sticking to these simple rules. Don’t mix different types of plaster. It will affect the walls quality and the drying time. Buy only high-quality products and avoid fakes.

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