How to make a beautiful wood paneling

How to make a beautiful wood paneling? 7 simple tricks

Paneling is one of the most ideal materials for interior decoration. It is a durable decorative material. In this article we will tell you how to make a beautiful carving.

What is the reason for the popularity of wood paneling? The answer is simple:

  • acceptable price;
  • strength and durability;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • simplicity and ease of processing;
  • wide application – suitable for both internal and external finishing;
  • resistance to the rotting process and to high temperatures;
  • compatibility with any other materials;
  • good performance in sound and thermal insulation.

However, despite all the advantages of the wood paneling, in recent years the material has come out of favorites and «dislikes» many buyers. First of all, because it often causes «aesthetic discomfort». Owners of houses with interior decoration made of lining often note that they feel themselves «living in a wooden box».

In order to avoid this effect, modern designers have come up with the following tricks.

Tricks 1. Painting the paneling!

In order to remove the effect of yellowness, the paneling is painted or whitened, while retaining the woody pattern. But you should avoid varnishing, because this is what creates and emphasizes the sensation of the sauna (ha ha ha). The material is so unpretentious to the color design that a bright white, and a harsh black color, and neutral gray are suitable for painting the lining. These tones look equally good on the tree and perfectly match with other colors.

Painting the paneling

Using complex matte colors helps create a beautiful, ambiguous interior in which harmony reigns. These colors are relevant for many years and, according to experts, gentle pastel and soft matte will remain in the trend for a long time. If you wish to hide the woody pattern, then simply apply two coats of paint.

Another solution is the use of two colors in the interior of the wood paneling. When it comes to the possibility of combining different shades, the following variations should not be neglected:

  • white with color;
  • dark with light;
  • solid color with a printed one.

Now let’s talk a little about the paints themselves for the wooden boarding.

1. Opaque enamel.

This type of paint has a sharp, and sometimes toxic smell, so it is necessary to ensure good ventilation in the room during painting. Alkyd enamels are able to completely hide the structure of the tree and all the flaws on its surface. They are used in those cases where it is necessary to hide the putty places after repair work on a wooden surface.

2. Decorative glaze.

Painting of wood lining with this type of paint is distinguished by the fact that the structure of the wood is completely preserved. The use of decorative glaze makes the surface more attractive. The color range of the glaze is quite extensive, but this does not interfere with the structure of the treated wooden surface to remain visible. When working with this kind of dye, one should remember about their sharp odor and toxicity, take care of good ventilation in the room.

3. Acrylate paint.

This paint for wood paneling inside the house can be the best option, because it is odorless, made on the basis of water and absolutely harmless to humans. Paints of this type are glossy and matte, the color scale is so great that other types of paints are much inferior to them. The advantages of acrylic paints are that they are easy to tint yourself, adding a certain amount of coloring pigment.

In the case where it is necessary to prepare a large volume of paint, then it will be difficult to perform this task manually. To automate this process, there are many options for modern equipment. The main thing is that all portions have the same color. Perhaps our article will help you.

Do not forget a few nuances. When trying to paint the surface of walls collected from the lining, there may be unpainted places in the recesses of the grooves. On larger areas it is more difficult to grind. Get a perfectly flat surface without experience in this area will not succeed. Of course, you can always turn to professionals (If you live in British Columbia, you can contact us).

But there are also advantages: it is easier to paint the finished surface of the lining when it is necessary to refresh the old painting. The frequency of this type of work depends on the operating conditions and the state of the paint and varnish layer.

We recomended use Benjamin Moore paint and stain for home interiors and exteriors.

Existing paints on the market allow any bold dreams to change the design inside the housing.

How to paint a lining with the preservation of the texture of the tree

To achieve the effect of the structure of the tree, lacquers, pigmented oils or waxes are used for painting. These compounds are applied by brush or roller, they are densely packed, completely painting the texture.

Effect of the structure of the tree

According to the technology, the paint must be applied in small pieces along the length of the lining. Then, using a roller or brush, shade along the surface. After 5-10 minutes, after absorbing the paint, use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove excess oil.

Using a roller or brush, shade along the surface

The result is a vivid picture of the texture of the tree. In places where there were furrows, more paint and varnish remains, and where there were protrusions, there is almost no left. This technology is called brashing or texturing the lining. It is often used in the decoration of walls and ceilings.

Wood paneling with two colors

The method of burglary of two colors can be an excellent solution in the transformation of the interior of the country house. The trick of this method is that a layer of dark color is first applied, and then a second one with a brighter and lighter color.

Trick 2. Choose the right color for furniture and decor

If the owners of the house do not have the opportunity, or there is no desire to paint or whitewash the paneling, then it is necessary to use a light one-color color palette when choosing furniture and textiles. A good solution is white color.

Example of application of different colors of paints

In the event that the inner paneling of the room has been cleaned out, it is mandatory to use bright decor elements (for example, curtains, paintings, pillows, furniture). This method will make the snow-white space more respectable.

If you apply in the design of rich color solutions, even the «boring» color scheme of the lining will definitely not look banal.

Trick 3. Make a different ceiling, walls and floor

The feeling of the «box» creates a wall and ceiling, decorated in a single color and style. A more interesting solution will be the use of different shades.

Use different materials

The most successful combination:

  • dark ceiling – colored walls;
  • snow-white ceiling – colored walls.

In addition, it should be noted that if you have colored walls in your house, then it is better to decorate the floor in light colors.

Trick 4. Use the visual effects of the paneling

The visual perception of the room depends on the layout of the material boards. Vertical placement of panels «pull» the room, and the horizontal layout allows you to «move apart» the walls. There is another alternative – multidirectional strips, which allow to achieve the effect of a «dynamic» interior.

Use the visual effects of the paneling

Use the visual effects of the paneling

These tricks should be actively used, changing the direction of the lining and creating a more interesting design.

Trick 5. Combine different materials

The design of a house or apartment with different decorations looks the best. Partially – paneling. And in part – another material. It can be made in the same color.

Combine different materials

Then the transition will not be so noticeable.

Trick 6. Apply wall decor

Decorate the paneling can be done with mirrors and photos in various shapes of frames, shelves, lamps, decorative panels.

Apply wall decor

When applying such decorations, do not forget about the background color – the walls. If the wall is colored, then it should be guided by the principle of combination, not contrast. But the bright decor will save the walls of light colors.

Trick 7. Use a wood paneling to decorate the accent wall

Paneling is an excellent material for decorating one wall in the house. This can be the head of the bed in the bedroom or the wall opposite the sofa in the living room.

Use a wood paneling to decorate the accent wall

Making a wall with wooden paneling is a fashionable design that looks very stylish and expensive with minimal material costs!

Instead of the conclusion, let’s say: do not be afraid to apply the paneling! In the hands of an experienced designer it becomes a real find, allowing any interior to make stylish, fashionable and inexpensive!

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