How to make an imitation of a brick wall from a plaster?

For interior decoration in the house, various technologies are used. A painter from Vancouver will tell you how to create “brick imitation” on a wall using plaster.

Imitation brick for interior decoration

Textured brick walls are an option not only for interior decoration, but also for exterior. Unfortunately, the masonry itself is often not suitable for apartments, it can make the structure heavier, and therefore decorative plaster with an appropriate pattern is better for multi-storey buildings.

How do you finish this? For this, structural decorative rollers are used, which allow to achieve an even texture and create a clear picture on the walls. Further, it is important to have at least some experience in the field of decoration of residential buildings. Only with special knowledge and a professional tool, you can create the perfect texture of brickwork on the walls.

Imitation brick for interior decoration

Brick Finishing Options

For a brick drawing, technologies such as are used:

  • Building panels;
  • Tile;
  • Wallpaper depicting masonry;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Painting;
  • Facing brick with low weight;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Film;
  • Gypsum materials.

The most optimal and classic way to create texture is to use structural rollers for brick. Such patterned decor is sure to attract a lot of attention from guests and will become a luxurious decoration of the house.

Pros and cons: imitation of brickwork in the interior

Vancouver painter advises, if you decide to create patterned brickwork in the room, you should weigh the pros and cons. Among the unique advantages are:

  • Quick deadlines;
  • Small financial expenses;
  • Environmental friendliness of the selected plaster;
  • Lightweight finish, which is important for multi-story residential buildings;
  • Original and attractive appearance.

brick roller

Among the disadvantages of the finish:

  1. The requirement for special equipment (brick roller);
  2. Selection of quality plaster;
  3. Regular care to eliminate dust accumulated on the textured coating;
  4. Walls of this type require good lighting in the room;
  5. Such decoration is not suitable for apartments with low ceilings, nor is it worth it to decorate all the walls in this way.

Brick wall imitation

Do you want to decorate a fake brick wall at home yourself and without the help of a master? Rollers "imitation of brick" - this is the first thing you will need for plastering in the apartment.

First, prepare the work surface, check the evenness of the angles between the wall and the floor, align them if necessary. All gaps that have arisen are eliminated with cement mortar, the surface is treated with a primer with deep penetration or with the addition of glue. This will help to avoid the appearance of cracks in the future and keep the coating intact for many years.

To obtain the texture, use gypsum plaster, brush, brick roller, paint and equipment for drawing seams. There are many types of masonry, so you can create various structural patterns on the surface. After drawing the invoice and its drying, it is necessary to remove excess elements, for example, cliches. At the end of the work, staining or finishing is carried out.

Of course, if you can’t do the job, call a painter from Vancouver.

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