Optimal number of paint layers for wall and ceilings painting

Painting the ceiling and walls is one of the most popular finishes. These surfaces are painted in different colors not only in offices but also in apartments. Many are interested in the question of how many times you need to paint or repaint the surface. The number of layers is important so that there are no stains or other defects on the surface. Low-quality water emulsion and acrylic paints are practically absent on the market. However, there is a certain gradation and degree of quality. The higher the painting class, the better the final work will be.

Choosing a roller

Choosing a roller

When dyeing a corrugated surface, it is recommended to use a roller made of threads or ropes. It leaves no defects on the surface. If you paint a smooth base with this roller, you can create a slightly textured surface. Do not forget to buy a bath for paint and an extension under the roller. This is not only the convenience of work but also a reduction in material consumption.

Optimal number of paint layers

How many paint layers for the ceiling

After applying fresh putty, the ceiling is painted twice, taking into account a layer of previously applied primer. If there is no primer, then three layers are needed. In this case, the first layer is diluted with water in the ratio of 70% paint and 30% water.

How many layers for walls

If the walls need to be repainted, the number of layers depends on the color of the surface. On the wallpaper, the primer is not made, and the number of layers reaches four. The minimum interval between the applications of acrylic is 4 hours at standard humidity and temperature above 15 degrees. If you wish, you can repaint the previously plastered walls. First, they are primed, and then 2-4 layers are applied, depending on the contrast of the old and the new paint. The primer will help reduce the number of layers.

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