How to paint the ceiling in an apartment

Ceiling painting is an inexpensive, simple and beautiful option for ceiling decoration. Even a layman will cope with this work. If mistakes were made during work, they can be easily corrected in the future.

Painters from Vancouver warn that painting the ceiling is fraught with certain difficulties - it takes a lot of time and effort, microcracks can form on the painted layer at low temperatures, but with the exact observance of the painting technology, the coating will last quite a long time.

paint ceiling in bedroom

What paint to choose for the ceiling

Before buying paint for the ceiling, you need to determine its color. The choice in favor of a certain color depends on several factors.


Type of premises

  • Corridor, hallway - light colors (beige, blue, white). As a rule, there are no windows in these rooms, so a light ceiling will visually expand the space.
  • Kitchen - motley colors are welcome, but not too bright. Before you choose how to paint the ceiling in the kitchen, along with color, you should also pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the material.
  • The bedroom - does not accept bright colors. White and pastel colors are perfect here.

Wall and floor color

  • If the walls are white, it is not recommended to paint the ceiling and white so that the room does not resemble a hospital ward. This combination only looks appropriate in the bathroom.
  • If you decide to make the ceiling the same color as the walls, the paint should not be matte - the room will look unpleasant visually limitless.
  • The ceiling should always be lighter than the floor, and the color of the walls should be transitional between the color of the floor and ceiling. This combination will make the room visually larger.


The rules of color harmony

  • The red color in harmony with blue, gold, white, black.
  • Green is combined with light green, blue and yellow.
  • Orange looks good with yellow, red, green, gray, pink.
  • Blue is combined with red, green, purple.
  • Violet harmonizes with golden, white, light green.
  • Yellow looks good with white, green, and blue.
  • Brown - with white, gold, blue, beige.

Ceiling paint gloss

  • Matte paints - hide small defects in the ceiling, allow you to create more harmonious and visually completed interiors.
  • Glossy paints - give out all the irregularities of the ceiling and errors, but allow you to visually increase the height of the room.

After the color of the paint is selected, it is determined with its appearance. The best for painting the ceiling are water-based paints. Their advantages:

  • Fast drying
  • No bad smell
  • Easy to clean tool
  • Health Safety
  • Good adhesion

Vancouver painters prefer water-based paint: it is suitable for any surface - concrete, hard putty, plaster, brick. From the instructions that are supplied by the paint manufacturer, you can always find out how to properly paint the ceiling with water-based paint for whitewashing or other decoration.

Types of water-based paint:

  • Silicate - weatherproof and durable.
  • Silicone - ideal for damp areas of the house, able to hide cracks. Prevents the development of fungi.
  • Acrylic - Creates a waterproof film. It dries quickly and is easy to clean, able to hide cracks, but costs more than other options.


The better to paint the ceiling

Use a brush to paint the ceiling is not worth it - hands will quickly flow from it. A foam sponge is also unsuitable - ugly spots will remain from it.

Vancouver painters offer the best option - a roller for painting the ceiling. But what is the best paint roller for painting? The most convenient is a roller with a long handle and a short natural pile. In addition, masking tape (to hide the joints of the plates), a paint tray and a solvent are useful for painting.

Another good option is a spray gun. It will also be convenient for them to paint the ceiling with a neat even layer. This equipment is expensive, so only professionals use a spray gun for painting.

How to prepare the ceiling for painting

  1. Get rid of the old whitewash or paint - without this stage, no preparation of the ceiling for painting with your own hands will cost.
  2. We close the ceiling joints and roughnesses with plaster.
  3. Before you putty the ceiling for painting, primer it.
  4. Puttying the ceiling for painting. A separate issue is the plastering of the ceiling from the plasterboard for painting. The process should be performed with special materials for drywall. After that, painting the gypsum board ceiling with your own hands will not be difficult: this is done by analogy with other surfaces.
  5.  Surface treatment with fine emery paper to give it perfect evenness.

Ceiling Painting Scheme

Ceiling painting

How to paint a ceiling without streaks

Follow the instructions on the paint can. Dilute the material also strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The roller is neatly dipped on one side into a bucket of paint, then rolled out on the tray until it is completely covered with paint. Further similar movements are performed on the ceiling.

How to paint the ceiling with a roller

First, all the corners are painted with a brush or small roller. The ceiling is painted in stripes with a width of 20-40 inches. The paint is applied in two layers, and the direction of movement when applying the second layer should be perpendicular to the direction of painting with the first layer.

So, we examined the question of how to paint the ceiling with our own hands. Using the knowledge gained, this monotonous process can be made pleasant and exciting. Responsibly approaching each stage of the work, you will get an excellent result that will delight you for many years.

If our instruction is complicated, then we advise you to contact the professionals. In Vancouver, PaintCity will paint the ceiling in your apartment. Get free estimate!

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