How to paint a galvanized surface

In private homes in Vancouver and not only in British Columbia, galvanized surface is used. It can be a drainpipe or a roof. The galvanized sheet is one of the most popular and reliable building materials. Painting can increase the service life for many years and improve some characteristics of galvanizing.

According to Vancouver painters, painting galvanized sheets with quality compounds made by such brands as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams gives a guarantee of an increase in the operating life of this product by 10-30 years.

paint zinc roof

The bottom line is that zinc, which covers the metal with a thin layer, as well as steel is afraid of corrosion. Over time, on a zinc-coated sheet formed corrosion. Slow down this process and allow a layer of paint.

How to paint a galvanized sheet - tips from Vancouver painters

Traditional oil and alkyd paints are not suitable, as they will interact with the zinc coating, oxidize as a result of chemical reactions and lose their adhesion capabilities. But the powder formulations for painting the entire surface of galvanized structures (for example, the roof of a residential building or an administrative building) will fit perfectly.

Such paints include target additives, particles of fine polymer powder, hardeners, various pigments, and special resins. All this complex allows the powder combination to polymerize when heated and to form a coating with maximum strength and high level of adhesion.

powders for painting

The advantages of the described powders for painting include:

  • safety of their use (fire safety, absence of allergies and any types of irritation in a person who works with such compounds);
  • excellent resistance to weathering and UV radiation;
  • unique mechanical properties, including impact resistance, elasticity, and hardness;
  • resistance (chemical) to petroleum products, some organic solvents, most of the known acids and almost all alkalis.

In addition, powder paints do not need to use a solvent, as they are implemented in a completely ready-to-use form.

It is also allowed to use other types of enamels, polyester and plastisol compounds, special types of primers, waterproof aluminum combinations created for the treatment of roofing coating of galvanized iron.

Advice from PainCity - Vancouver painters: when buying paint carefully read the instructions. Buy paint for painting galvanized surfaces. If in doubt, ask the expert directly in the store.

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How to paint a galvanized surface

Professional painters use pneumatic painting. You can also apply a combined, electrostatic and airless paint.

Already from these methods it becomes clear that it is difficult to do without the help of professional painters. In extreme cases, you have to buy expensive equipment - a compressor, a spray gun.

Want to paint galvanized surfaces in Vancouver? No problem! The PainCity team is always happy to help. Painters in Vancouver will be painted in the shortest possible time and for a small budget.

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