How to paint plinth with your own hands?

There is a category of people who love to work with their own hands and strive to show an individual approach in interior design. Therefore, the question of how to paint the baseboard with your own hands is quite relevant. Even small repairs can drastically change the whole look of the room. Paint plinths are one of those small interesting elements that will allow you to miraculously transform a room or create a finished updated look after the repair.

Painting plinths (floor and ceiling) is considered the final chord in the repair work. It’s recommends painting it before the wallpaper is hung or the walls are painted so as not to stain them. There are certain nuances of how to paint the baseboard correctly. First of all, to paint the plinth you need:

  • You can use an acrylic primer;
  • Paint (alkyd paint or acrylic spray);
  • Brushes (if you use regular paint);
  • Acrylic clear lacquer. It will protect the painted wooden surface from damage and also give color depth and shine to the new coating;
  • Respirator and gloves for protection during work;
  • The solvent for decreasing the surface before painting;
  • Cloth napkins or simply dry clean cotton rags;
  • Masking tape and paper;
  • Very fine grit sandpaper;
  • Spatula and putty (if you plan to remove deep scratches or chips).

paint plinth

How to paint the plinth?

You need to choose the right paint composition for the selected plinth. The choice of dyes depends on the place of fixing the baseboard and the material structure. Wooden plinth perfectly tolerates acrylic, alkyd and oil paints. It also varnishes and impregnations fit well. Skirting of polyurethane and foam requires a special approach since this material does not tolerate the ingress of any solvents. In this case, use only acrylic, latex or water-based paints.

Acrylic spray or special paints for plastic are ideal for plastic baseboards. If the plinth is already fixed on the wall, then it’s better to use ordinary paint. Walls and ceilings may be affected by the use of aerosols. You can pay attention to toning varnishes for wood. They are perfect for finishing and decorating wooden unpainted skirting. Such a tinting varnish is sprayed from a can and then rubbed with a sponge or brush over the surface. In addition, you can use textured paints, for example with the effect of natural stone.

paint plinth

Some useful painting tips

Observe a specific sequence of actions:

  • Protect the work area from ink;
  • Eliminate mounting defects;
  • Clean the baseboard from dirt;
  • Degrease baseboard;
  • Ground a surface;
  • Make several paint layers for high-quality staining.

The painted plinth will allow receiving a unique design of the room. The whole process will give an emotional charge directed to the future. Successful work motivates to continue the renovation and allows you to be proud of your achievements.

Painting plinth in Vancouver

If you are sure that you will not be able to paint plinth yourself, then ask for help. Call (778) 865-4107  or write us to find out how much it will cost. We work in Vancouver, Coquitlam and pther towns in British Columbia.

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