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Entering the paint department or shop, the eyes literally run. High racks with impressive metal cans, plastic pails and miniature solvents. Color samples, numerous brushes and rollers and other paraphernalia are still in the eye. How not to get lost in this colorful splendor and choose the right paint for repair?

Top Tips for Choosing a Paint

The PaintCity team, guided by the experience and preferences of customers, made up the top tips for choosing colors.

  1. The first selection stage determines where the painting is needed. If you want to improve the exterior of the house, then the choice of paint will be from the section for external works. Internal painting (interior) involves the use of appropriate paint. This division exists for a reason. It's not about the aesthetic component, but at the root of the different conditions of use. The internal surface covered with paint will be maintained in a certain temperature regime. Exterior surfaces are blown by all winds, rinse with showers and snows, and also succumb to the sun and frost. Different conditions – different characteristics.
  1. Painters are advised to choose not only a color parameter when choosing an interior paint. There are basically four main types:
  • Water-emulsion paint – minimum odor, maximum simplicity. On its basis other shades are created.
  • Acrylic based on water and enamel – the most common due to the durability and matte effect.
  • Latex – easy to clean and does not require special care.
  1. Facade or exterior paint includes waterproof matt and gloss paints. The choice of such paints depends on the surface to which they will be applied, because each coating has its own characteristics, which, in turn, are taken into account when creating the paint.

PaintCity draws attention to the properties of paints when choosing

  1. Read the composition. This is the case that the more components, the higher the quality.
  1. The «price-quality» ratio should not outweigh the prices. Focusing on cheap paint and varnish products, you run the risk of health. In addition to the unpleasant odor after painting, harmful compounds appear in the room, which are not eliminated by airing.
  1. Find out how easy it is to apply, and how long the paint of a specific brand lasts.
  1. Buy all the necessary components (solvent, primer, etc.) of one brand. It happens that even high-quality paint and a primer of different brands in the mix have an undesirable effect.

The PaintCity team has been using great colors from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore for many years.

Painting house in British Columbia

If you live in British Columbia, you can specify how much it will cost to paint a house. Then you will know how much you will save.

If you are satisfied with the price, we will gladly paint the house in Coquitlam, Vancouver or in another city of British Columbia.

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