Painting brick house. Durability of exterior finishing

If your brick house «worn out» and lost its former attractiveness, you can update the appearance by painting it. Usually brick painting is used in several cases.

If you want to give the house a modern style, combining it with the architectural decor of new modern materials or with panoramic windows.

If new extensions were made, which in their appearance do not quite fit into the previously constructed brick house.

Or if you want to disguise defects that have been formed over the years of operation of the house.

painting brick house

Paints of elite and inexpensive

An important point in this matter is the choice of paint. So what is better to paint?

Painting brick house from the outside is permissible solely with facade paints. Now the market has a lot of compounds designed for painting brick surfaces.

The paint for brick facades must meet a number of requirements: when dried, remain porous enough to allow the walls to «breathe», otherwise mold and dampness are provided to you.

The paint should be highly resistant to sun, moisture and alkaline environments.

Painting the brick outside can be lime, polyvinyl acetate (latex) and silicone paints.

The latter kind is good in that a moisture and heat resistant coating forms on the brick surface, which has excellent air permeability. Silicone-based paints are well protected from the negative effects of aggressive environments, as well as from low and high temperatures and do not wear out for a long time. That is, they meet the highest requirements. However, these paints are quite expensive.

Prices for lime dye compounds are much lower. They, too, can be painted on the outside of brick structures. These paints are beautiful enough, therefore to look your house will be worthy. The huge advantage of these colors is their safety and environmental friendliness.

They perfectly conduct air, have good elasticity, which greatly facilitates the process of painting, are insensitive to temperature changes and moisture. The bad thing is that after drying the particles of lime begin to flake off fairly quickly.

Pros and cons of popular paints and varnishes

Acrylic latex paints always were the most popular for facade brick works. They are fireproof, breathable, have good adhesion with brick, moisture resistant, have good decorative properties.

If the house is painted with acrylic latex paint, the brick will be reliably protected from the harmful effects of the environment. The main drawback of this paint - the tendency to abrasion. It should be noted that when using acrylic paints, it is necessary to prepare the most thoroughly the brick walls for painting.

painting brick house

If you have a new house

The new house can be covered from the outside with a special varnish for bricks. He will protect the brick from the unpleasant weather phenomena: heat, frost, precipitation - and will help keep his beauty for much longer.

The varnish gives the brick a pleasant «wet» color. However, it is more suitable for embossed bricks, as it can crack, and on a smooth brick it will be noticeable. It is better to cover with varnish new houses. For old houses, this material is not suitable, because it can not mask defects, and sometimes even, on the contrary, only emphasizes them.

painting brick house

We prepare walls for painting brick house

Before you start painting brick house, you must carefully prepare the surface. Carefully inspect the walls of the house. Often, the brick «suffers» with such a problem as salt spots, which prevent paint from adhering to the surface of the brick (in other words, preventing adhesion).

Clean them with an iron brush and detergents. But even if these spots are not there, so that the paint is well laid, the walls should be cleaned of dust and other contaminants. Otherwise, the paint can then peel off in these places.

Wash the walls better with water and soap, without resorting to acid solutions. Mold, oily and calcareous stains are removed with special solutions.

Cracks and other defects should be puttied and sanded with a sandpaper mesh. Masonry seams, if found so necessary, it is worth updating.

Before painting, walls must be primed (preferably two times). Primer improves the adhesion of the paint to the wall. It should be resistant to an alkaline environment, because many solutions used in the masonry give an alkaline reaction.

Remember that you can paint walls only after they have dried. Do not apply paint to a damp surface.

painting brick house

Painting brick house in British Columbia

If you live in British Columbia, you can specify how much it will cost to paint a brick house. Then you will know how much you will save.

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