We are painting a brick house. Small tips for beginners

Very good, when there is strength and opportunity to paint the house on your own. We hope that our tips will help beginners.

For painting a brick house we will need the following tools:

  • iron brush for stripping
  • putty knife and putty
  • sandpaper or mesh
  • primer
  • rollers or brushes (always with stiff bristles)
  • special containers for paint
  • paint

How to paint a house

A paint sprayer will help to paint the house from the outside, as it will provide a more homogeneous and even layer of paint. However, its use requires some skills, so you can do it with other tools.

In order to paint brick walls, some craftsmen use homemade «gloves» from old clothes, dipping them in paint, rubbing it into the facade. This method is suitable only for painting small surfaces.

The process of painting itself is quite simple. Paint on the wall rolls out in one direction. The following approaches are painted with overlap so that there is no «bald head» between the strips.

To start painting the house is better from the top corner in the direction down. Cover with a second coat of paint can only after the full drying of the first. Applying it, we roll the roller in different directions, resulting in a uniform surface.

paint house


Do not forget to check the weather forecast

After the walls are painted, it is important to prevent them from getting debris or rain. So for work, choose dry and windless weather. You can paint the house only at a temperature of 5-25ºС, not higher and not lower.

The exception is the all-season paint, which can be worked up to minus 10 ° C.

Do not chase the quick-drying paint, it's much harder to work.

Paint house in Vancouver

If you live in British Columbia, you can specify how much it will cost to paint a house. Then you will know how much you will save.

If you are satisfied with the price, we will gladly paint the house in Vancouver, Coquitlam or in another city of British Columbia.

Up to speedy meetings, and all easy repairs.

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