Painting ceiling with a roller

Painting ceiling requires special skills. It’s important to dab a roller in the paint correctly. Dab a small part, not the whole roller. After this procedure, you must roll it out on the ribbed surface of the tray to completely cover the entire roller. Otherwise, the ceiling will have defects and incompletely painted areas/spots.

Excess paint on the roller can lead to ceiling streaks and further stains appearance. Experienced professionals use a fast method to remove the overage paint. Take a bucket and pull a strong mesh on its top. Squeeze the roller backward and forwards. This lifehack can help you can prevent over-consumption of paint. It will drain into the bucket.

Start painting ceiling closely to the corner. Lead the roller backward and forwards. After that, make a zigzag pattern and slowly move the roller to spread all the paint around the area. How many paint layers should be applied to the ceiling? Most professionals think that two layers are enough. You may need even three if the paint is substandard.

Each subsequent layer is applied only after the previous one has dried completely. The approximate time for complete drying is indicated on the label. The process can be delayed in the case of a humid microclimate in the room. Choose only high-quality paint.

Painting ceiling

Typical painting ceiling problems

Sometimes there can be some kind of defects after painting is complete. Most often, it can be spots or other visual defects. This situation occurs if you don’t prepare the surface. Nevertheless, a good home painting is quite possible. Use high-quality water-based paint. The quality of the ceiling color will depend on how carefully you prepare its surface.

Don’t forget to wear a respirator when you start painting ceiling. It will protect you from building dust and paint drops. Use the same moves to paint the ceiling surface with a roller. Each subsequent paint layer is applied in a direction perpendicular to the previous one. Apply the last layer of paint in the direction of the daylight.

Don’t buy a foam-based nozzle for painting ceilings. It absorbs too much coloring compounds. That’s why it surely starts to drip during operation. Also, stir the paint to a uniform consistency. Use the brush to paint hard-to-reach places. You can also use it to fill the line between the walls and ceiling. Follow these simple tips and your ceiling will be perfect.

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