Painting living room

Painting living room: 16 ideas for the color of the walls

Do you think about painting the walls in the living room? Would you like to see examples of different colors on the walls to decide what colors to choose?

See the interior design variants. You can see the photos of the living rooms in different colors. Pay attention to how color affects mood, calms and stimulates activity.

Difficult choice of paint

Before you start painting the walls in the living room, you need to think about choosing the color of the walls, as well as the type of paint used to paint the walls. Of course, the living room is the most representative place in the house.

Therefore, one should well imagine how to make an excellent setting for both meeting guests and for recreation. And this largely depends on the correct choice of the color of the interior.

The choice of the color of the walls, however, causes some difficulties. It is often difficult to decide whether muted tones should be, or perhaps more intense ones. If we determine this, then we are faced with the choice of this or that shade. And then there are a lot of options.

Manufacturers of paints offer a wide range of colors, which, however, does not simplify the task. Look, at least, on the colors from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams.

Painting living room

If you do not know what color to choose, look at the interior design of the living room. Check how the living room can look with red, yellow, green, white, black, gray or blue walls. Furthermore, find inspiration and color for yourself.

How Color Affects Your Mood

Let’s try to approach the choice of color from the psychological point of view. Let’s consider actual variants.

Blue is freshness, coolness and purity. Remember that this color refers to cold shades, so if you dream of a quiet and cozy living room, then blue is not the best solution. This color optically enlarges the space.

Blue calms and relaxes – great for use in the living room.

Orange – the color of optimists, adds energy and promotes activity. The bright interior evokes a sense of the tropics. Orange blends well with blue (in contrast), white (in combination with which it becomes even warmer) and cool green.

Painting living room

Some shades of orange are very intense. Therefore, it is better to use them as local accents, rather than on the whole surface.

Natural colors – Beige, Black, Gray – the colors of nature give a sense of security. They are conducive to work and concentration. On this background, inserts from bright colors, for example, such as orange or red, will look great.

Green – relaxing, has a calming effect on the nervous system. It is a symbol of hope, freedom and life. In the living room you can use a variety of shades, from conservative and business-like dark green to fun-filled aquamarine.

Yellow has many different shades, from deep-saturated and warm shades, to as cold as a lemon from the refrigerator. This is a very positive color, illuminating the interior, even on a cloudy day. Especially recommended for a living room that is poorly lit.

Painting living room

When using this color, be careful, because having it in excess can bother or irritate. Yellow is also ideal for a dining room or kitchen, because it is believed that it improves appetite.

In addition, this color looks good in combination with white, green or blue. When painting living room, it also looks good with gray color.

Red – encourages action and increases energy. However, if used in excess, it can be annoying. It is safer to use it as an additional color, not the primary color.

The red color looks interesting in combination with gray, muted blue, white. If there is a desire to give the living room a certain oriental character, then you can use red together with blue, purple or pink.

Painting living room

Beautifully the living room can look when in red painted only one wall. It adds inner depth and comfort.

White is used in interiors in a minimalist style. White visually increases the space, it is clear and cool. However, to avoid monotony, you can use some color accents: pillows, curtains, rugs, which will dilute the dominance of white.

Choose the right paint

Ideal option will be water-based paint, for which peculiar such advantages:

  • quickly dries up;
  • does not have a pungent odor, therefore it is completely safe for health;
  • it is easy to apply, the color falls exactly;
  • there is a huge color palette;
  • painted walls retain a porous structure, so they «breathe».

Most of all, there are several varieties of water-based paint. They all fit perfectly on the surface, but there are a number of limitations. To color does not lose its rich color, you need to trust its selection professionals. For dry rooms, the most common water-based paint is suitable, but in rooms with high humidity it is necessary to use its other varieties:

  1.  Acrylic – contains in its composition acrylic resins and even latex. Thanks to this, the coating is not afraid of water. Painting with acrylic paint can mask small cracks.
  2. Silicone, containing silicone resins – vapor permeable, on it there is no fungus. Suitable for mineral coatings and is not afraid of water.
  3. Silicate, which includes an aqueous solution, a pigment and a liquid glass. Steam and air permeable, service life 20 years or more. But it can not be used in wet rooms.
  4. Mineral, containing in the composition of cement or lime – is widely used for painting the ceiling zone. Excellent lays on brick and concrete surfaces.

Now you know what type of paint to choose. It remains a matter of small – to choose a color for painting living room.

An excellent color selection service can be found here.

Painting living room: 16 ideas for the color of the walls

In addition, we hope that our article will help you choose the right color of the walls in the living room, where you can not only receive guests, but also relax.

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