Painting of slopes with acrylic paint

House decorating is a complex of technological operations. It’s the little things that can spoil the mood and lead to additional costs. One of the important elements of the interior style is window slopes because the view of guests and owners often falls on it. Therefore, its decoration should be carried out according to all the rules and laws of painting art.

Painting slopes made acrylic paint which is excellent against UV radiation, not fade and losing its saturation for many years. However, painting is the final part of a renovation. Before this operation, the slopes must be prepared for staining.

Regardless of what material the slopes are made of (plaster or drywall), it is necessary to putty and fix the perforated or plastic corner on the outer wall corner. Fixing the corner is necessary to improve the window stile perimeter and to protect the slopes from accidental physical impacts. The corner is fastened either on the starting putty or on gypsum plaster. After it dries you can start applying the putty mass.



The first layer is the starting putty, which is kneaded to medium thickness using a mixer. Then it is applied with a metal spatula with a layer thickness of 2-4 mm. You shouldn’t torture yourself and try to achieve high surface quality after applying the first layer of material. It performs several other functions, more precisely serves as preparation for high-quality further finishing.

The second layer is finishing putty, the thickness of which is 1-2 mm. In most cases, the finishing mix is sold ready-made. Additionally, it can be mixed before starting work. After complete drying of the material, the surface of the slopes should be cleaned with a fine abrasive cloth to the degree of a mirror-smooth and even plane.

slopes Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting window slopes

Now you can proceed directly to painting the slopes with acrylic paint. A primer layer is applied on the base with a deep level of impregnation, which will reduce surface absorption and facilitate the further work of the workers.

The first layer of acrylic is applied after trimming the corners with a brush in random order. After 3-4 hours you can re-paint the slope using a roller with a natural bristle of medium length, having previously rolled it out in the painting bath. Alternate the movement of the roller along and across the slope.

There are no particular difficulties in this process. But it is necessary to strictly adhere to the technological cycle of work. Otherwise, painting the slopes can turn into a painful operation that will spoil the whole positive impression of self-repair.

Use window slopes

If you are not ready to paint the window slopes yourself, then call on the help of professionals. We work in British Columbia. Call (778) 865-4107 or fill out the order form for a free estimate.

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