Painting wooden house in British Columbia

Painting wooden house. How to preserve the effect for a long time

The issue of ensuring maximum durability of the facade coloration of the house is of interest to almost all house-owner. High-quality facade paints can ensure the service life of painted facades up to 20 years!

Durability of external finishing of wooden houses

How to ensure that the wooden exterior decoration of the house was quality and lasted more than 100 years? Over the long years of building houses, there are many examples of how wood has perfectly passed the test of time, retaining its appearance and its protective properties for decades. The durability of the exterior finish of wood depends on many factors. This is in the quality of the wood itself, and structural solutions of buildings, weather conditions and surface treatment with special protective materials.

Conditions for painting in the open air

  • The perfect weather for painting – a cloudy summer day
  • Relative air humidity should be less than 80%
  • The surface to be painted must be dry. The less water is contained in the wood, the better and longer the finished coating will be.
  • The temperature of the material and the surface, as well as air for the entire period of coloring. Should not be below + 5°C and above + 30° C.
  • If the weather during painting will be too hot. The paint will dry too quickly on the surface, which will complicate the performance of painting.

High-quality external wooden decoration in combination with modern paint and varnish materials allows to extend the life of painted surfaces up to 20 years without the need for repair.

In the end, the quality and durability of the exterior finishing of houses depends mainly on the type of wood, the correctness of its choice, the way it is dried, stored and cut.

Industrial primers and intermediate coatings ideally prepare a surface for the subsequent application of paint and varnish materials on the construction site. To increase the service life, it is also important to look after the painted surface in a timely manner.

Painting wooden house in Coquitlam

Surface treatment before painting wooden house

For the successful processing of the external wooden surface of the house, it is necessary to use high-quality materials, observe the methods and working conditions.

The maximum service life can be achieved with a combination of a primer antiseptic, an adhesive primer and an acrylic paint material. Fully opaque coatings provide maximum durability of the wooden surface.

All untreated ends of wood and metal nails heads should be especially carefully treated with special materials, so that they are not the place of penetration of moisture into the wood.

Preventative care

When preventive care for a painted surface, you need to know the type of binder paint material. Oil or alkyd paint can be applied without problems with oil or acrylic paint. But for repair work of the old acrylic-based coating, only acrylate paint should be used.

The determining factor in the choice of materials for repair painting is the kind of binder, not the solvent.

The wooden covering should be inspected and washed about once every 5 years, since the dirty surface is an ideal medium for the growth of mold and fungus. Be sure to conduct treatment with antiseptic materials in the case when the surface is clearly moldy, damaged or faded.

We told how to painting wooden house correctly. If everything is done correctly, the effect will last for a long time!

Painting wooden house in Coquitlam

Painting wooden house in Coquitlam

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